Sunday, February 12, 2012

Looking for a New Writing Curriculum....

Well, we are mid-year and I know one thing that is DEFINITELY going to change for next school year!
Why....because the program my Mom is using for their writing program, just isn't cutting it anymore! The boys at 8th and 9th grade are beyond worksheets, beyond cursive practice, beyond dictionary work! Not bashing the wonderful writing program my Mom came up with for them! It has worked the past 3 years! Love you MOM!!!
But....they are tired of it! I am tired of fighting them on it! They get bored easily and are doing sloppy work. Therefore, Grandma is tired of fighting with them on it. And since she lives 6 hours isn't exactly easy for her to pop over to deal with it.
So, together....she and I are on a mission to find something that works and works well!
Right now we are checking into a homeschool online writing curriculum! We have several things in mind! These would be tied in with physical writing as well! Never want them to forget pen and paper!
So....guess what I am saying faithful readers.... do you have a writing program for your older kids that you like? One you dislike and warn people from?
I am looking for input!

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A Learning Journey said...

I don't know which writing program you are currently using right now but have you heard about the Brave Writer Program? I came across it when searching for a program for Alyssa. I am not familiar with their program for older students but I have been reviewing a month of the K-2 program and it looks decent. It may be worth checking out and they also offer online courses. If you decide to purchase it become a member of the HSBC if you would like to receive a discount on it. Here is the link to the HSBC from my actual blog I have been a member (it's free) for over a year now and have saved so much money purchasing curriculum. Good luck with your choice!