Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teaching Analogies using the Internet Highway!

The easiest way to teach your kids analogies is with some games!
You can sit and explain how a heart is like a bike pump, with blood instead of air.
Or how a birds wings and an airplane wings are similar for a reason.
But...that doesn’t mean your explanation was a good one OR that your kids will get you?!
They may just think you have gone off the homeschooling Mom deep end!LOL

Plus there are different versions of an analogy! There is the analogy comparison where this is like that and why.
There is also the biological analogy as to why things that are similar like a butterfly, moth and fly all have wings but have evolved differently. They are similar, yet different!
Confused yet?!
This means that finding some good analogy games online is probably your best bet.
And while you are at get some good research done AND might just stumble upon other great homeschooling sites along the way! WIN-WIN!

So, if an analogy or how to present an analogy confuses you.... don't sweat it! Hop online the internet highway and google analogy games and/or analogy definitions and see where it takes you!
Hey....I just compared the internet to a highway....guess what....THAT is also an analogy!LOL

I'm a poet and didn't even know it!

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