Monday, March 12, 2012

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?!!

I get asked most often, the pros and cons of homeschooling!
These can change on a daily basis... let me tell you!!
Give me a great day when my kids are sailing through school, are happy and content and I know that everything is going GREAT...I can list all pros and no cons.
Give me a day where my oldest son has a meltdown, both the boys are fighting and my daycare kids are invading THEIR space....calgon...take me AWAY! I can totally list all cons and very little pros.
I imagine if you asked every homeschooling parent, they would say the same thing!
Just like a job, we have bad days and good days!
So...let's get the bad stuff out of the way first!

My personal cons:
No alone time anymore
No downtime
Never a clean house
REALLY bad days with middle school meltdowns just about do you in

My personal pros:
Great education for your kids
Personalized education for your kids
Lots of 1 on 1 time with your kids
Watching your kids grow and getting to see EVERYTHING
Quality family time
Having a teen who WANTS to grocery shop with you
Having kids who like you
Having kids who are able to count back change
No hours of homework AFTER school
Short school days
Getting to school in your pj's
Getting to school in your backyard
Getting to go to a museum on a Friday when the other kids are in school
Getting to drive by the school ON a school day and hear your kids say SUCKERS!LOL
Just having my kids be kids
and I could go on and on and on....I could add to this list daily because homeschooling my kids is AWESOME!

So, what are your homeschooling pros and cons?

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