Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alphabetical Order!! Life, Homeschool...childcare!

As a organizational freak Mom, who has slight OCD(or CDO if it were to pertain to this article!LOL)...I am into things being in alphabetical order! My boys books are in alphabetical order, my bookshelves are in alphabetical order, the daycare bookshelves are in alphabetical order, our homeschool files are in alphabetical order and the daycare/preschool files are in alphabetical order! I like things in order, especially when you can make them alphabetical order! That is the coupe de gras! Though sometimes I get a little crazy and try to organize things even more like the pantry, the pets, the laundry....!LOL Small house, equals limited space and therefore I have had to be creative in how I organize so not only does it work for homeschool but my business of childcare in my home AND natural everyday living!! Love this, it becomes a challenge to me! So....are you an alphabetical person, an organizational person or both?!! Happy Homeschooling!

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