Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do you have a reluctant reader? Make the a fluent reader by finding their niche!

My boys are both readers-NOW!
That was not always the case!
My oldest son was a reluctant reader. He struggled and really didn’t read well until 3rd grade.
Public School programs helped him but I do not think it was until after we started homeschooling that he really learned to read well and read fluently.
Yes, I can credit myself for this but I also think it had a lot to do with the program we used....Time 4 Learning!
Not only was it fun and games BUT....they had to read in the Science and Social Studies sections but it was broken down into small sections so it was not overwhelming. It was written well so it was not boring. He enjoyed learning and enjoyed reading for the first time in his life!
He started to develop an interest in books! He ASKED, yes ASKED for books! He spent the family camping vacation of 2010 READING! He read the whole Percy Jackson series and if he wasn't obligated to do family activities....his nose was in a book! It was AWESOME!
And still is!
Not all kids are easy readers! Some are reluctant and you as the parent need to find that niche that makes them fluent readers!
This means being in tune with your child, their interests and what would get them there!
Good luck, Happy Reading!!!

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