Sunday, April 22, 2012

Investing in Preschool Flashcards!

Well....we are winding up our preschool year in my childcare! The older boys are almost done with their preschool lessons! But..... we will continue our Kindergarten prep throughout the Summer with preschool flashcards! I love flashcards! We can use them in SO many way in a childcare setting!! Take them outside and ask the kids as they are playing, minds are more open and you can even make a game out of it! Red light, green light with flashcards! He/She who answers gets to advance 2 steps! Use them on rainy days! We are stuck inside, waiting for sunshine and good why not cram in a quick lesson where we can! Use them when kids are wild and crazy and we need to sit and calm down! Use them as a game and lesson in one!!! They are universal and easy to us and CHEAP! You can print them out online for free at lots of places! You can go to your Dollar Store and get them for CHEAP! You can get them at Walmart for really in expensive! And if you are really can get sets at your local thrift store! I have ABC flashcards, Shapes, flashcards, Number flashcards, Colors flashcards, Phonics flashcards and even Animals flashcards! I love FLASHCARDS! So, if you have preschoolers...and are still unsure about homeschooling or are looking for something to tuck in your purse for Dr. visits, trips to grocery store or stuck in traffic...invest in a set of 2 or 3 of flashcards!!!

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