Sunday, April 15, 2012

Learning ability not learning disorder!

My son has a learning disorder(what society calls it) or a learning least I call it that. It is also a life disorder, he has ADHD.
It has been an experience for all of us on how best to deal with it. He is now a high schooler and is able to see the signs of things that set him off.
Homeschooling has really helped him with this! He was fine through elementary school but middle school, the time crunch, the changing of classes, the busier day really set him off. So it was a blessing when we decided to homeschool him!
He has blossomed!
He gets little junk food, we fix fresh as much as possible. He takes natural Omega-3 brain vitamins to help him stay focused. He gets to get up and move when needed, he can walk away if something is really frustrating him.
Now, these are not the answers for every child with ADHD or a learning disorder. I think every family needs to see what works for them and their child!
In this day and age of the internet, forums, etc. you can learn all you need to about whatever your child needs!
So, whether your child has autism, ADHD, PDD, dyslexia, ADD, or another type of learning disorder....there is a schooling that will work for them. Whether public school, homeschool, both, a tutor......
Your child can bloom and grow, to become the person they want and need to be! I do not like to call it a learning disorder, but a learning ability! It is their special strength!

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