Saturday, June 16, 2012

Homeschooling secularly!

How do I homeschool? Well, I homeschool secular! We are non-religious homeschoolers, secular homeschoolers, or homeschool secular. We have met many types of homeschoolers over the past 4 years and we are cool with however they want to homeschool. I believe that as my children grow, they have the choice to decide on their own religion, their own beliefs and I prefer to keep that out of our schooling! We believe in evolution, we believe in science, we believe in teaching how we need to teach! But there is no wrong way for homeschooling! If you are religious, good for you! If you are scientific, good for you! If you are secular, good for you! If you are unschoolers, good for you! If you are road schoolers, good for you! If you are online schoolers, good for you! I love to hear about different ways to homeschool, I love to hear if they work for you, don't work for you....etc. Post away! Tell me what kind of homeschooler are you! And WHY!!

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