Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mom is hard at work on Fall curriculum of Math, Science and yes, even Spelling!

While we just finished our school year and while my boys are enjoying just vegging out for the Summer... Mom is already hard at work on Fall 2012 curriculum! I am never one to let things go until the last minute AND I want to be prepared when Fall starts because I have 2, count them 2....high schoolers! The Fall curriculum will definitely include Math, Science, History, Language Arts, a Foreign language and Spelling Curriculum! Despite that they are high schoolers and technically above "spelling"....I am a firm believer that spelling is a life skill that everyone should have! Yes, most computers have spell check are not always on their computers! I still have my boys write letters by hand, they must take notes by hand and keep lists for things they want! This not only practices their handwriting but it keeps their spelling in tune! I search the internet for the best curriculum for our needs.....they are chilling on their bikes, playing in the sprinkler, camping with Grandma and Grandpa or jumping into Grammy and Poppy's pool with no knowledge to how much Mom works for their homeschooling in the off hours! But it is 100% worth it! Love those boys!!

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