Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do you know your fractions?

How many of us REALLY know our fractions? I mean be honest? We know measuring, we know that 4 quarters makes a whole, etc. but if you had to sit down and remember HOW to multiply 1/7 x 3/4 could you do it? In a reasonable amount of time? I thought not!LOL Neither can I! Once I get back into the swing of things and take notes on the right way to do it....I can limp along but to have that problem presented to me....HA! Forget it! And since I am teaching 2 middle school/high school boys....we tend to do a lot of fraction lessons! And yes, I get a lot of practice but it is not one of those things you retain. Use it or lose it! So I check out EVERY single thing I find on the internet about fractions! Why? Because if it is a good program for little to no cost, we are going to use it! It may be the key to unlock the mysteries of fractions! All it takes is a different way of being taught for people and something clicks and then you just know it! It may take 10 programs/curriculums before you find the right one that clicks for your child and/or for you! So, if you did NOT know how to multiply 1/7 x 3/4 and you have a child heading into a school year of fraction lessons, I suggest you get on the ball and find something to teach you how to teach them.....or at least limp along! It helped me! :) Happy Homeschooling!

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