Saturday, August 11, 2012

More cool things about Spelling City!

As I mentioned in the past, we LOVE Spelling City! It works for us! We love the way it tests my boys, we love the games you can play with your spelling words, we love the fact we can print out our spelling words for HANDWRITING practice and it goes on and on! I mean I am killing 2 birds with 1 stone here.....and they are learning with both of them to boot! Out of their games, one of my boys favorites is "Which Word" sentences or fill in the blank as we call them! Here is the brief description that Spelling City gives you about it: "WhichWord? Sentences is a great activity to practice using context clues to identify spelling and vocabulary words. WhichWord? Sentences may be played as an online context clues game or printable grammar worksheets may be generated from this free online game." And see, I learned something NEW just by printing that. I never knew it could be printed out! WOW! Ok, Spelling are getting even COOLER in my book! And I didn’t think that was possible! We are on vacation the last week in August and I have already bought all the boys curriculum, joined all the online things we wanted and since we are not starting until September 4th, I am spending part of vacation week laying it all out so we know what we have to do and when. Including Spelling City will definitely be part of it and Which Word is a MUST! Happy Homeschooling!!

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GraGra said...

There is also a new web site Its free and very cool. The kids love it