Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finding a Secular Homeschool Support Group!!

So, the best thing has EVER happened to our homeschool is finding a support group! Both online and in person! We are secular homeschoolers so finding a secular group or all inclusive group was VERY important. I have nothing against religion, don’t get me wrong but I do not want it in my homeschool. So....I went online and started googling for secular homeschool support groups. I found a great site with an online forum, which literally saved my sanity!LOL There are thousands of members there, in the same situation as I am and have experienced the same issues at some point or another! They have support groups listed for each State, they have a great list of blogs by secular homeschoolers and great monthly giveaways! And through this I met some great LOCAL homeschoolers who in turn introduced me to their local group which has given my boys some great homeschool friends and lots of access to local activities! Whenever I have an issue, whenever I have a question, whenever I have a brag....they are there...whether online or in person! The first thing I tell any new homeschoolers we to find a support group! Whether online or in person or both! It will help you more than you will know! Happy Homeschooling!

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