Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting to the ROOT of words! is lesson plan time again! For 2 HIGH SCHOOLERS! I have to say it that way because my husband is in denial! He JUST realized that we have a Freshman and a Sophmore! ROFL!!! So....we once again get to our spelling and vocabulary and what to do, what to include and what to use! I really think that this year we need to concentrate on root words! For to truly understand a word, we need to know where it came from, the meaning of it and then we can understand the definition plus be able to know new words on sight! I am using a Word a Day for them, plus we are doing Spelling at Spelling City. Still looking for a good root word program, root word game, etc. But, we are slowly easing into our school year. Last week was Math and Writing. This week we are adding History and Science. THEN, the following week I am adding our Spelling and Vocabulary. Which is good since I do not have the program lined up, nor have I worked it into our curriculum!LOL Just another day in the life our house at least! Happy Homeschooling!!

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