Sunday, September 23, 2012

Using teacher resources to our advantage!

We are teachers, just flat out say it! We might not be teaching a large classroom but we are teaching! And therefore, as a teacher of my children...I am looking for ANY teaching resource I can get my hands on! Whether by computer, by physically having it or by word of mouth! Whatever DEAL I can get as a homeschool teacher, I will do it! Anything to save some money and get a better deal! I am all about the coupons!LOL If I can find a website with a helping hand or teacher resource, I take full advantage to further my education so I can further my child's education! My favorite teacher resource...Spelling City! They have GOBS of information on there and TONS of ways to use it! That and any deals I can get for curriculum, especially when I get it CHEAP! I got Happy Scientist at back to school time for $5! For a whole year for my boys! Even if we just use it a few was less than a workbook for 1 child! So, what is your best teacher resource? I would LOVE to know!

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