Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hardest thing ever for me, was to teach my son to read...

You would think that it would be easy....teaching a child to read. Well, if the child learns easily, is accepting of it....then maybe it is. I was one of those kids. I learned to read with Dr. Seuss. I was 4 and my Mom was a teacher so for her it easy. My boys went to public school through elementary school and while the school taught them to read, they were not without their learning difficulties! My older son struggled with it through 3rd grade. He did not become a strong reader until we started homeschooling. Not sure if that had anything to do with public school or with homeschooling? Maybe he was more relaxed at home that he was able to read fluently? Or the fact that I found lots of great books of subjects he was interested in! Learning to read is a turning point in any child's life as far as I am concerned. Once a child has the power of reading, there is no stopping them! Reading opens doors, it gives them power to a whole new world of learning! And kids with this kind of power have nowhere to go but up! IF, I had been put in the position of teaching my boys to read 100% aka if we homeschooled since birth....then I would have probably found a tutor or enlisted my Mom's help in this matter! I do not feel that I would have been 100% confident to do it alone. And, there is no reason to be upset about this! The whole reason of homeschooling is to give our kids the best learning they can have from whatever resources we need to utilize! Happy Homeschooling!

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