Sunday, October 7, 2012

My ABC or CBA talent.... 1 talent that I can claim is the ability to say the alphabet backwards FLUENTLY! I could say it backwards before I could say it forwards! I am one of those crazy people! Do not ask me why I learned it like that so well...have no clue!LOL And I couldnt teach either of my boys it like that? I tried! We played sooooo many ABC games when they were little and I still use many of the same games in teaching the kids in my daycare! And now that they are teenagers, my boys assist me in using the games they learned with!! Of course we sing the ABC's, we use flashcards, we practice them as sight letters and anytime we are reading a story we look for the current letters we are working on! So....what are your favorite ABC games to teach your kids? Love to hear how stuff works for others! Happy Homeschooling!

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