Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reading is fundamental!

Ok, we all know reading is fundamental! But did you know that reading is very important to your child's vocabulary!?!
It is, I am sure of it!
Let's put it this way....if your child only reads Run Spot Run...they will never get past a speech and vocabulary part in their lives.
But, if you create strong readers.....ones whom excel and grow with their reading.....they will have a world opened to them. Their reading vocabulary will grow with them as they learn and read. Their overall learning will as well. Their reading fluency will grow, their reading vocabulary will grow and THEY will grow as a person!
Read to your child, have them read to you. If they do not understand a word, look it up together. Help them pronounce the harder words and chances will both learn!
AND you get some great parenting and one on one time with your child!!! That is a BONUS!
Happy Homeschooling!


Unknown said...

Reading aloud made such a big different for our youngest! It helped him HEAR how to pronounce certain sounds and words. Plus, it gave us some extra cuddle time, which we all know is so limited as they get older. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

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