Sunday, December 23, 2012

Using Contextual Clues for your Spelling Practice!

My boys, despite being high schoolers still love to use Vocabulary/Spelling City for their spelling words! 
They love the fact that I get to plug in their words, line up the practice test, several games daily using their words and then their final test on Thursday(our last day of the schoolweek)! Over the past 4+ years since we became accidental homeschoolers....I feel my boys have learned MORE with Spelling City than all their years in public school!
Out of all the games offered at VSC, their 2 favorites are Hangmouse and WhichWord Sentences! I love the WhichWord Sentences because it gives contextual clues for the identification of their spelling or vocabulary words! And the fact that they can play it online OR I can print it out! Win Win for me and for them as we can switch it up!
Any homeschoolers that ask me for spelling advice, I send them to VSC because you can get free membership OR for a low yearly price...get the premium membership which is what we do! The price is worth it, we MORE than get our $$ worth!
Happy Homeschooling!

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