Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Fun and Educational Day @ Hatfield Marine and Science Center!

Well.....we just got back from a Homeschooling Adventure!
The Hatfield Marine and Science Center in Newport, Or. holds a Homeschool Day twice a year!
We have good intentions of signing up for this every year, but so far something has happened.
November 2010 my husband took the boy on a last minute trip to see his parents and sister. March 2011 we were scheduled to go but my son was down with the flu. November 2011 we had horrid weather and decided not to chance it. FINALLY, March 2012 we were signed up!!! WAHOOO
They were in the upper class of 8th-12th grade!
And it was AWESOME!
Parents basically drop-off, especially at their age! We signed up at 10am, had an orientation at 10:15am and they started classes at 10:30am. This went on until 4pm~
They got to dissect a fish and for my boys this was the best. Guts being pulled out, eyes plucked, skin peeled, BLECH! Needless to say, Mom stopped them from telling me much more!LOL
Then they learned about new deep sea creatures and how to classify them. This was extremely cool as my younger son was talking non-stop about a fish that has a bubble over his eyes for protection! COOL!
Then it was an estuary walk, where they dug for ghost shrimp to count and classify!
My 8th and 9th grade sons were in heaven with these "animal games"! For them it was fun and learning and GROSS all rolled into one!
And my younger son had found a creature on our Family Vacation 2010 and we had yet been able to figure out what it was! He had great pics of it, which we took along! FINALLY we had an answer!
It was a Gumboot Chiton! The largest of the chitons AND we were privileged that we saw one because they are rare to see!!
A family walk on the beach after we picked them up and then dinner at a local seafood restaurant was the perfect ending to a great day!
And the talk all the way home(3 hour drive) and tucking them in bed and even most of Saturday was about their day at Hatfield!!!
I love that my boys LOVE stuff like this! Fun and Education all wrapped up in one!!!