Sunday, March 25, 2012

Art is not scary!

What is art?
How do you teach art?
Recently I submitted a poll on my forum asking what is the hardest subject to teach...thinking that many people would be like me and claim Math! As you know from reading past posts, Math is my arch nemisis. I hate teaching it, I hate it period!
But imagine my surprise that ART was the most dreaded subject to teach and anything in the Arts related, to include Music. I was and still am shocked!
Gosh, I WISH I could just teach Art!
Arts, Crafts and Music are my favorite curriculums!
But, I know now there are parents out there that are struggling with teaching this subject!
And there are many ways to get help!
You can hire out! Which many do, esp. with music lessons. You can do this as well with Art! There are lots of great classes offered at community centers, community colleges, after school programs, etc. that gear towards kids OR can help you learn so you can teach your kids.
You can get workbooks and textbooks!
You can search online for some great programs!
It depends on you and your ability!
For me, I have an Art History background and am very artistic so I buy anything I find that appeals to me and/or my kids!
And now that they are in middle school and high school, I can really up the program! Starting next year when they are BOTH in high school, we will be taking field trips to Art Museums, etc. to appreciate art in person and learn up close about the different types of art! not be afraid of art! It might seem scary but really it isnt!
Tap into your artistic side!