Sunday, July 15, 2012

Math Program Scavenger Hunt!

Can we just skip Math? I mean honestly? It is Summer, we are done with school and while my boys are on vacation....Mom is hard at work lining up their 2012-2013 curriculum!! There is no Summer for a homeschooling Mom it seems! We are always looking for something better, easier, smarter, whatever! And that includes MATH! The dreaded subject in this house! The dreaded word! The dreaded ANYTHING! And since my older son had issues with the Math he had for his 9th grade year....I am on the lookout for something more suited to him. A good online math program that fills the void he has, makes it easier for him to understand in layman's terms and keeps some of the frustrations with Math at bay! My son is a visual learner so a math program that is for a visual learner would be IDEAL! It is like a scavenger hunt to me! I spend my off time, chatting with homeschool friends about what they like, use, hated, etc. in an online Math program! Well, at least I cannot say I am ever bored!!! So...if anyone wants to comment....go ahead and while you are it...tell me about your Math program, love it...hate it, etc.

We love our word searches!

I do not know about you, but I am a HUGE fan of word searches! So are my kids! We have word search books for vacation, we have electronic word search games for the car, we do the word search in the paper! Every holiday, I spend time on the internet and find a printable word search! Imagine how thrilled I was when I was plugging our spelling words into our account at Spelling City and found out that they have a word search maker!! WAHOOO So, now I can even turn my boys weekly spelling words into a printable word search! I can plan on adding that to our 2012-2013 curriculum!! Because despite being high schoolers, my boys still do spelling! It is a requirement in our house! So much F-U-N! Up, Down, Backwards, Forwards, and Diagonally!