Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eliminating the Family Struggle over Creative Writing

So.....Grandma has been in charge of their Creative Writing for the past few years BUT it is becoming an issue trying to get the boys to work! Grandma lives 6 hours away, she is not here on a daily basis for help and you can only do so much via telephone. That leaves the struggle of making the learn to me and then it becomes a 3 way fight. Boys do not want to do it, they do not want to fight with Grandma so they fight with me and then I get to deal with my Mom. This year, we decided to get Creative Writing Help! No more fighting amongst ourselves, we are getting online help via Time4Writing! The teachers THERE can evaluate and help the boys and therefore eliminate the family struggle!LOL I am really looking forward to an easier year, an easier day and no issues. Yes, they will still whine and moan about doing it. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be kids!LOL BUT, it is not an issue between my kids and myself or myself and my Mom or my kids and my Mom. No more listening to Grandma complain because of how they have not done a great job or the boys complaining because the do not understand the work. YEAH!!! I do not know who is more thrilled...ME, the BOYS or my MOM!!LOL I will keep you posted on how it works out!

A Mother's Work is Never Done!

A Mother's Work is Never Done! Honestly, the kids are busy enjoying the Summer, the nice weather and Mom gets to write and plot out lesson plans! Ah, the joy of Motherhood! LOL We are doing less online and more hands-on work this year so....I had to order a bunch of different curriculum and now I get to check out each of them, mark how many lessons and work it out with the number of weeks we will be schooling this year! I did get smart and purchase a Teacher Lesson Plan book at the Dollar Store so I can work it out on paper and have a hard copy. Then I will print it out for the boys and post it on the wall! BUT....I am adding some new things this year! We have been working on Spelling but they are both in High School this year and while Spelling is still important...we need to step it up a notch! What is the use of knowing HOW to spell a word if you do not know what the word MEANS! So, we are working on matching definition with the word! And Spelling it! This will strengthen their Spelling AND their Vocabulary! Win-Win situation and as a homeschooling Mom, I LOVE THOSE! 2 for 1 kind of deals! By the 2nd semester we may expand it to be part of their Writing program but for now, matching definitions is enough! Baby steps!