Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I got high homeschoolers! WOW

Well....4 years of homeschooling has given me 2 teenagers who are now both in HIGH SCHOOL! When we started this crazy road back in October of 2008, it was to get my oldest son through 6th grade, caught up and ready for 7th grade BACK in public school! Yep, that was the plan! 1 year, 1 kid, that was it. And now...I laugh! My son blossomed! He learned, he was a sponge, he got caught up, he learned to read and love it, he was HAPPY, he smiled and we were HOOKED! 3 months later we pulled my youngest son from 5th grade and away we went! And then the plan was to only homeschool through middle school years and as we wrapped those up, neither of my boys wanted to go back to public school! Fine by me! I can do it! I can handle it! I can homeschool 2 high schoolers.....RIGHT? RIGHT? HELP! No, really....I knew I could do it. I was a little concerned as for 4 years we had used Time 4 Learning 100% for our schooling! It was awesome! Then we tried an online high school program for my older sons 9th grade year. I hated it, he hated it and I felt that it was poorly done. So.....Mom decided this year to research curriculum and do a lot more hands-on vs. online. Thank goodness for forum because I found lots of other parents in the same boat as me! I no longer felt alone, I no longer felt like a sinking ship and I have a place to help me with my homeschooling! So.... as we are 6 weeks into our homeschooling 2 high schoolers year......things have had their ups and downs. We have had some curriculum changes, we have had some meltdowns, we have had some issues but I know that I can do it. I have help, I have a mindset! If I can do can to! Promise!

Math anxiety!

Another week, another lesson in MATH ANXIETY! What a 6 week run of Mom picking the wrong the point that I am about to just let my kids play video games all day....instead of using the Math I pick! UGH! You can find me sitting in the corner banging my head on the wall....over and over! As you know from my past(numerous) posts that we have math issues in our house! LOTS OF THEM! I mean LOTS! And this year is no exception but it is from BOTH my boys! We are working on algebra, as I have a 9th and 10th grader. I signed us up for an online Math that was new to us but looked MEGA cool. Well, it is cool and I love the concept but their teaching of the problem leaves little to be desired. It lacks showing how they get from A to B step by step. So, we are back at Time 4 Learning and using their algebra program! I love their teaching, I love their presentation, I just LOVE them period and it gives my boys something that is like home. We are still having our NORMAL math anxiety over stuff occasionally is NOT the crazy OMG Math anxiety we have over the curriculum in general! So...maybe, just maybe....we might make it through another year of homeschooling!LOL