Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to teach art when you are NOT artsy fartsy!

Is that a horrible word for you?
Are you one of those people that doesn't doodle, avoids crayons, thinks Michael's is a kitschy restaurant and that your kids asking you to color with them is the worst ever!?!
You are not alone! Not everyone is artistic or likes art or deals with it.
Some people just do not get it.
I myself am an artsy fartsy person. I love art. I would have gone into art, if there was a job in my area.
Glitter is in my blood, kohl runs in my veins and I love the smell of fresh box of crayons! If they made perfume of that, I would wear it!
I love to draw, I love to create crafts with the kids and I love to read about art.
Yep, I am a little cuckoo....
But, if you are not..... no worries. You can still teach your kids about Art!
There are lots of ways.
Art games, online art websites, artist links if your child has found someone they like. Just learning about materials and the different kinds used for art is a whole lesson or group of lessons!!!
Never fear! Not artsy fartsy, there are apps for that! :D

Happy Homeschooling!

Homeschooling a High Schooler is NOT a bad word! HONEST!

You are a homeschooler!
You have a child that is about ready to enter high school level!
Send them to school or continue to homeschool them?
Your mind is saying send them to school.....
I cannot do it......
High school was SO hard, I barely made it through.....
You can do it!
I am in my 3rd year of homeschooling high school level and I haven't failed my boys yet! If I can do it, anyone can do it!
Now, I won't say we haven't had our struggles and I wish we could go back and change a few things but I have had that every year with I don't count it as an issue from teaching high school level.
I will say I am EXTREMELY thankful for Time4Learning adding the high school levels this year! That saved my sanity! And yes, we had to add a few more science tools because we are doing a bit higher level of biology and earth and space....but it is worth it overall.
My boys are avoiding the crap that seems to come with high school these days. They still have a lovely group of homeschool teens they get to hangout with plus we attend a homeschool teen PE class once a week put on at our local community center. And a prom is put on in our area for homeschoolers, so they CAN attend that if they want. All the comforts of high school without all the crap! No long hours of homework. No riding the bus for hours a week. No overcrowded classrooms of 60+ kids per class. No drugs. No peer pressure.
My boys are learning MORE I feel than most kids their age that are attending public school AND learning less of the bad stuff that I would prefer they not deal with anyways!
So, can homeschool high school!
If you have doubts, I say try it for a year! I bet you will surprise yourself!!
Happy Homeschooling!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What kind of learner is your child?

Right-brained, left-brained, visual, auditory or kinesthetic! What kind of learner is your child?
Right-brained visual learner? Left-brained auditory? No worries, you can learn how your child learns best!!
Do they learn differently from you, not a problem!
My boys are both kinesthetic and visual learners. We do a lot of hands-on learning, especially learning about science. I am that way too, so teaching them has been a snap overall since we all learn the same way.
If either of them were different types of learning, I would do what I have always done.... learn the best way to teach them!
If a child isn't just getting it, despite your best effort and theirs..... maybe their learning style is different!
There are many places online to take a test to LEARN how they learn best. And then learn, as the homeschooling parent how to teach them!!!
You can do it! No worries!!
Happy Homeschooling!

Learning syllables!

Does anyone remember learning about syllables in school where you put your hand flat under your chin and then said a word and every time your chin touched your hand, that was how many syllables were in that word?!!! I still use that for teaching because it works! Try it!
Why do you have to know what a syllable is? Or teach it?
It is a crucial prereading skill to learn how to break down a word! Once you can break down a word, you can make it into more manageable parts to learn to spell it, how to pronounce it and to understand the word in general. Once kids learn this part of words, reading is the next step!
There are many ways to teach syllables and you, as their teacher needs to find the best way that works for you and them!
I still use the hand under the chin because I have found it to be the best way to learn and teach!! Plus kids have fun with it that way.
If your kids are into animals, use animal lessons for teaching syllables! If they like a cartoon character, then you that to teach them. You know your child best and what gets them working!!!
Hang in there, anyone can teach syllables!
Happy Homeschooling!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Just how important is SPELLING?

Well, in my book....REALLY IMPORTANT!
Good spellers have a background for everything!
If you suck at spelling..... well....
I was really surprised when my boys were in public school, that Spelling is not pushed like it was when I was in school! WHAT?!
Needless to say, when we became homeschoolers.... Spelling was at the top of our list!
And nothing better to add to our online curriculum than spelling test online! Love it!
Right now, we are really studying Earth and Space and I love being able to create spelling lists with words they are learning! It covers 2 things at once! They get their science in and spelling words, DONE DEAL!
Next, we will move onto animal lessons and I will have fun creating funky lists with animal names!!
I can tell you, that in the 5+ years of homeschooling.... my oldest son has gone from being a HORRIBLE speller to one that can spell most things the 1st time. I am really proud of him!
Happy Homeschooling!
Saw this online this morning and had to add it! Just adds my point. Everyone thinks they have spell check, no biggie on spelling! WRONG! These are all legit words, just used in the wrong context despite sounding correct!

Dreaming of SUN!

Well, we are 2/3 of the way through Fall and quickly approaching Winter!
While we have been lucky where I live and had a mild Fall for the most part, we have had several cold snaps and blustery, rainy days.....
I am quickly missing our heat and Sun of the Summer!
The heat energy of the Summer makes me happy! It grows my vegetables, it makes my chickens lay eggs, it makes the trees green and pretty and my ecosystem is good!
Winter makes me crabby, tired and dreaming of Spring!
How do I combat those days in our homeschool? Well, we use Natural Lighting that gives off UV rays to combat the effects of SAD. It helps on those dark, dreary Pacific Northwest days. We get outside whenever we have a few moments of sunshine! And we use this time of year to do things that are inside!
Needless to say, we get a lot of schoolwork done during the long Winter! Science projects abound!
What do you do during the long, dark days of Winter?
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Looking and finding homeschool help!

Welcome to the wide world of homeschooling, leap in with both feet and then what do you do?

This was how I was! We were accidental homeschoolers and while I was lucky enough to stumble upon Time4Learning for our curriculum... after that, I was like what! You need a little homeschool help!

  • Am I doing it right? 
  • What are our legal requirements in Oregon?
  • Will I screw up my kids?
  • Do I need to teach them more?
  • Do they have enough to keep them busy?
  • Is school only supposed to take 3-4 hours?
  • Do I need supplemental science for kids? What about Math?

And on and on.....

First, step back and breathe!

  • Yes, you are doing it right! Benefit of homeschooling is that as long as you are doing something that is learning, you are doing it right! Every kid and every family is different in their learning ability!
  • You can find legal requirements of your State here!
  • You will not screw up your kids!
  • You need to teach them what they need to know! Some kids learn tradition ways, some kids want it all based around their latest interests!
  • It is up to you on them having enough to keep them busy! Some kids are into packed days, others are not.
  • Yep, most homeschool days for people take 2-3 hours for the main part and then that leaves the rest of the day for whatever. Take away recess, breaks, etc. from public school and they really only school about 3 hours a day.
  • Supplements are up to you! If you find a good core curriculum that is enough for your child, then great. If you want to add more, feel free to do so!
Again, the benefit of homeschooling is to make it work for you!!!
Happy Homeschooling!!

This is a blog or This is a truthful, creative homeschooling blog written for homeschoolers like you!!

Which one sounds better?
The 2nd one, right?

This is called figurative language and it is what takes something from just there to OMG, IT IS THERE!
Here is a great description:
Figurative language makes all the difference between boring writing and interesting, vivid communication. Have you ever heard someone say "It's raining cats and dogs"? Such metaphors allow readers to visualize scenes as though they were right there. Figurative language plays with a word's literal meaning, using it creatively to keep a reader's interest and attention.

Teaching your child to write using figurative language is not easy! Some kids get it, some don't. My son is a DON'T! He writes like his Dad, who writes like the cop he used to be. They write reports. They have to tell basic facts in those reports. 

The lady wore a red dress. 
The lady wore a flowing dress in blood red velvet with satin trim and rhinestones at the cuffs.

They both work, you know the lady wore a red dress in both sentences BUT the 2nd sentence captures you more and makes you want to keep reading!

When your child is writing anything, even a science report using facts about animals...they still need to make it worthwhile reading! It might be a report but a boring, dry report vs. a report using figurative language may make all the difference in the world!

So the next you give your child a writing assignment, try having them be more figurative in their writing!

Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New to homeschooling? No worries!

New homeschool, just starting, checking it out to see if you can do it?
No worries, we got your back!!!
Homeschooling sounds scary, I know because I used to be just like you.
Wanted to homeschool my boys from Kindergarten but I had a hubby who thought homeschooling was for cults and those highly religious groups. NOT SO!!
Homeschooling is for anyone who wants to! You can do it!
In just the 5 years since we started homeschooling, the homeschooling world has grown like crazy!
The internet is a WEALTH of information!
Homeschooling groups exist out there for every type of homeschooler!
Religious, secular, roadschooler, unschooler, preschool through high school age and beyond!!
You are not alone in this journey!
And the best news, as long as you have checked your States Rules and Regulations and know the basics that are required of you by law.... you are past the hard part!!
If you are a new homeschooler or wanting to homeschool and have them in the comments and I will be happy to help steer you in the right direction!!
Happy Homeschooling!

She blinded me with SCIENCE!!!

Science is a big part of our homeschool!
Think of it! You can use science for EVERYTHING! Spelling, learning to read, reading, math, history, art, social studies and most definitely for SCIENCE!LOL

Luckily my boys LOVE science just as much as I do and we are able to incorporate it into nearly everything we do! Finding a homeschool science curriculum that worked for us and was worth my moolah was important to us! Doesn't matter the cost, if it SUCKS! Have a huge boxed science kit that cost my mother a pretty penny. It is HORRIBLE! It still sits on the shelf and we scavenge it all the time for things we need to do FUN and more hands-on experiments!!

We are very outdoorsy people and into rocks, plants and animals. Earth and Space study is our FAV and what we are doing this year for our Science!!! The best part is, our large rock collection and numerous books we have on hand has helped us and we are only 2 months in!!!

I even push science in the childcare!! We have a whole shelf dedicated to science! Rats, anoles, worm farm, crickets, live plants, rocks to touch, prisms, etc. are there for kids to check out and explore! I even have a small tote that I change out weekly or so with stuff in it! Right now, it has leaves. All colors, shapes and sizes! Hold them, touch them, smell them, crunch them and tell about them!

So, next time you are concerned about science.... think of all the ways you can use it in your homeschool!!
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do you know your States Homeschool Requirements?

Recently, we had a visit from my inlaws. They are not supporters of our choice to homeschool and pretty much ignore that whole aspect. That is ok with us. We knew going into this, that not everyone would be thrilled or agree with us.

But, imagine my surprise when she asked if  so and so had gotten ahold of us. It was someone from DH's  class and apparently he was considering homeschooling his kids! He lives in Arizona!

Of course, we had not heard anything about this. DH got on the old Facebook and sent him a PM that he could definitely contact me and I would get him on the right track.

He was grateful. He needed to know the homeschool requirements and regulations for his State. He didn't know where to start. Curriculum reviews so that they could make choices. Forums and groups in his area or online that they could get answers! I helped them explore the universe that is HOMESCHOOLING!

His kids are now out of public school! Personal choice that the PS was not doing much in the way of helping his kids learn and grow. Been there, done that. That is the reason we started homeschooling 5+ years ago!

Hard to believe that in October 2008, I was just as wet behind the ears as he is today and here I am, a blogger of 2 different blogs. Homeschool Mom to 2 teens and a moderator for a great homeschool forum that provides TONS of access and assistance for homeschoolers!

I love my jobs and I love being a Homeschooler!!

Happy Homeschooling!!

What the heck is an analogy?

Have you ever had one of those homeschooling days where something comes up with your kids work and you are like OMG.... I cannot remember what that is exactly nor how to explain it?!?!

You tell the kids to play online games for 5 minutes while you use the "bathroom" which is Mom code word for grabbing your tablet and searching what something it..... and some forgotten part of your brain kicks in when you see the definition and suddenly you remember! WHEW!

Yep, I have those a lot. Sometimes I feel like I relearn alongside my boys! Still doesn't mean I retain any of it but I do have days where I feel like I should be rushing through hallways with an armload of books!

"Analogy" is one of those times. I know we have done it. I know that I know it.... but for the life of me....brain fart. Info deleted in my memory.

Internet saves my butt once again!

During a recent science chat about animal lessons, we started talking about a mouse and a computer mouse. We call them the same thing, a mouse. Rarely, if ever does one refer to a computer mouse AS a computer mouse. It is just called a mouse and it depends on the context you are using the word in, that you would understand which one you were talking about.

So, I guess what I am saying it..... it has been 5-10-15-20+ years since we have been in school.... it is OK not to remember things like what an analogy is.... to escape to the bathroom to figure it out!

That is what makes us GREAT homeschooling parents!
Happy Homeschooling!

Oh and in case YOU didn't remember what an analogy was, definition below:

 noun \ə-ˈna-lə-jē\
: a comparison of two things based on their being alike in some way
: the act of comparing two things that are alike in some way

Monday, September 30, 2013

Can you believe my boys are HIGH SCHOOL?!

First, I have to say SHOCK.

Where did my little babies go? They were just starting homeschooling and in 5th and 6th grade. Heck, it just seems like we were finishing middle school..... and here I have a 10th and 11th grader this year.
I can't believe it, I don't want to believe it... but the Time4Learning High School records don't lie.

We are doing lots of classes this year, now that T4L has finally added the High School level. IT is LOVELY!
I have to say and dream come true!
We are taking Geometry, Earth and Space Science, World Geography, Economics, Health, World History and English 2.
It makes for a long day but I am trying to prepare them more for real world classes as in just a few short years, they will be attending college. Mom can't homeschool forever... though I would like to.

They are seeming to understand things better this year. Mom is not stressed every Monday because I forgot to print out curriculum for the week and very little meltdowns. Most of their stuff, they are getting good grades on it the 1st time. And if they don't, we go over it again until we understand it.

So....despite that Mom is in denial over having 2 high schoolers..... she is pleased that Time4Learning was able to bring the high school level to light before my boys were out of high school and made my world LOTS easier!!!

Time4Learning-YOU ROCK!!!!

Happy Homeschooling!

MATH............(said in the same voice as Khan via Captain Kirk)

Math.... and yet another school year starts which means another year of MATH.
Our dreaded enemy at our homeschool.

Homeschool math makes me want to hide my head, skip the lessons and avoid it all together.

This year we are doing Geometry for our math! We are also doing Earth and Space for Science plus World Geography SOOOOO, geometry is a great bunch of tools for science because we need to map, we need to figure out where and learning geometry helps that.

2 birds with 1 stone. Smart homeschool mama..... at least that is what I am calling myself this year!
I think in our 6th year, I am finally getting SMART!
We are using Time4Learning High School level this year and so far, going GREAT!
Boys are doing their work, doing it well and doing it on time! No arguments and no fighting Mom!

SHHHHHH, this might be the one year that homeschool math doesn't get the best of me! But don't tell it I said that!

Happy Homeschooling!

Nothing better than finding a good book and it be about HOMESCHOOLING!

Ok, my boys love to read!
This wasn't always the case for my oldest son. He was not a strong reader in public school. It took me a long time to find a way to get him to read. But when we did, he read and he read well and he read strong!
One of the ways, was to find some stories and/or books about homeschoolers for him to read!
Written by homeschoolers or about homeschooling kids in everyday situations like us! Literature for homeschoolers.

It was great! We found a TERRIFIC website that showed us the way! It is constantly updated with new books. It showcases authors and has some great giveaways!

A book club, books by title, books by grade, books by homeschoolers and author reviews just to name a few! No matter the reading level, there is something out there!

Kids love animals, doing a animal lessons unit....check out the book called Chicken Friend!

When my son got glasses for the 1st time, we went out and bought a couple of kid friendly books about getting glasses. When we learned he had ADHD, we read a few books on what this meant. When we started homeschooling, we found books about kids who were or had been homeschooled!

It helps kids to see others in their situation!

Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kindergarten is SCIENCE!

So, school year is starting for most of us! Has been going on for 2 or more weeks!
Ours has been on for 2 full weeks, heading into our 3rd!
My boys are now high school level but when they were younger, we used our FAV thing....SCIENCE to teach almost everything! Math, language arts, social studies, science, spelling and reading all revolved around science!
Hands-on science is even better!
As my daycare kids gear up to start their preschool year, I am looking at science activities for kindergarten level for my oldest daycare boy. He is on his last year of daycare, is extremely smart and I am doing him at Kindergarten level of Time4Learning this year and we will be doing LOTS of hands-on work with science!
Lessons on matter, force and motion lesson,  and of course animal lessons.
Should be a great year ahead of us! Lots of learning for both myself, my boys and my daycare kiddos!!!
How is your FAVORITE way to use science in your homeschool?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

If only we could bottle up the energy sources from kids, we would be millionaires!LOL

A Homeschoool Science Kit!LOL

How to bottle up those energy sources called kids and sell it to middle age adults instead of those 5 hour energy drinks they sell at the gas station and are bad for you!

I SO wish I could bottle the energy that comes from these daycare kids or even my own kids! It is what keeps me young! But there are days, like last week where I wish we could have done an energy transformation from them to me! I was pooped!
Old kids still here because parents didn't check calendars properly, new kids are here because I scheduled it according to what old kids parents originally told me AND the couple of kids that are staying were here. I had kids coming out the ying-yang!LOL Lots of energy in this house! I think it was oozing out the cracks!!

If only I could bottle it and sell it, I would make MILLIONS!!!
The best I can do, is have them near me! Their excitement and exuberance is contagious! It makes me feel like a kid again on a daily basis!

To me that is the best part of being a homeschooling parent AND a childcare provider! I have kids around me all the time!!
They keep me young!!
Happy Homeschooling!

New school year, new Math tactics....

Welcome to 2013-2014 school year...... can I cry now?
I mean, I love that we have a new school year.... I love buying supplies and laying out our lesson plans.

But then comes our old arch nemesis...MATH! UGH!

We are using Time4Learning high school level this year since both boys are in high school AND T4L added the high school levels-YIPPEEEEEE!! So, am hoping that helps with our Math issues this year! We are also doing geometry, which is a different route than trying to tackle algebra.

I am hoping that this eliminates many of our past Math issues! If not, I have some great geometry Math flashcards to use along with! I may use them anyways, just to enhance what we are learning!

If not, I fear my boys will be getting a lesson in sound energy by Mom throwing a old fashioned temper tantrum!!!LOL

So, as the 2013-2014 school year starts.... please take a few minutes to send some positive Math vibes our way for a good Math year!!LOL

Thanks and Happy Homeschooling!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

We LOVE Science!

Science is one of our overall family favorites to teach! We LOVE it!
We love using it for almost ALL our subjects! Math, Science(DUH!), Language Arts, Writing, History and Reading!
You name it, we use it for it!
This year is no different! I am planning our homeschool curriculum right now!
We are mainly using Time4Learning at their NEW high school level but we still will be doing science on the side!!
I am looking at lots of different things to incorporate with our homeschool day involving science!
Lessons on light energy, heat energy, lessons on matter, learning about materials, force and motion, and animal lessons.....
3 years left of homeschooling for me and I will be looking for ways in add science into everything for all of those!
How do you add science to your homeschool?

Happy Homeschooling!!

Word Finds!

Word Find or Word Search is one of my FAV ways to get my boys to work on their spelling words OR pass the time or earn extra credit(yes, even homeschooling parents do extra credit!LOL) while using a holiday based one!
You can find lots of ready-made ones on the internet for MANY different age levels. You can use science for kids ones, if your child is into science. You can MAKE your own using any words and you can even plug your kids assigned spelling words!! You can find Star Wars if your child is into SW! You can find Dr. Who ones if your child LOVES Dr. Who!!
My boys love to do them!
They don't even consider them to be school!!!
Especially when it is one of the extra ones! is! It is a great mind-game for your child! It is great for adults, it is great for older people to help keep their brain in top working order!
My grandmother loves to do them! She especially loves number ones! I hate those! They are HARD!
But again!! BRAIN FOOD!
So, as you are planning your child's curriculum and lesson plans this year....think about adding word finds to their daily or weekly lessons!!! You will be happy you did!

Happy Homeschooling!

Special Needs: Homeschooling a child with down syndrome

So, you have a special needs child, specifically down syndrome this week and want to homeschool them!!
They are no different than homeschooling any other child. To homeschool down syndrome child just means the same as it does assessing any other child.
What are their high points, what are their low points? How capable are they of writing, understand, reading, science for kids, math, art, etc. Do they have anything they specifically like that you can use, favorite movie, book, character, etc. that you can focus on?
My older son loves Star Wars! Who doesn't in my opinion!!LOL  But, when he finally was able to read and read strongly....I bought him books that he wanted and he wanted Star Wars! We have used SW for many aspects of his learning! Math, writing, reading and even spelling! Yes, spelling! At Spelling City, you can make your own we did!
My younger son is a big dino fan! We use that to get him writing! He HATES writing, but we use the dinosaurs as a trick to make him happy and write without tears!!
So, sit down with your child and discuss what they would like to do!
Homeschooling a child with down syndrome is just like homeschooling a child without down syndrome!
Every child is different! Every child has different ways of learning! That is the benefit of homeschooling!

Happy Homeschooling!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

So.....I want to hear more about lapbooking!

I heard about lapbooking when we first became homeschoolers!
It sounded cool!
I bought TONS of supplies and yet here we are getting ready to start our 6th year of homeschooling and they still sit in a box. : (
I was always unsure of where to start, how to get the boys motivated and if they will get it!

Well, as previously that I am working at finding a good writing curriculum or writing ideas... I am revisiting the whole homeschooling lapbooking writing as part of our writing program! Maybe if the boys pick something they would like to do, like earth and space or rocks and minerals then they will be more inclined to do it and do it WELL.

So.... are you a lapbooker? I would love feedback, hints, tips, input and whatever else! Links to some great ideas...anything! And to be able to gear it towards older kids, I have 10th and 11th graders!!!

Happy Homeschooling!

Time to tackle the writing curriculum decisions.....UGH!

Normally, as a homeschooling Mom... I LOVE this time of year.....getting to pick out the Fall curriculum.
I get to play like it is a big scavenger hunt to find the secular curriculum for 2 high school boys!
Will they like this or won't they!
Finding it for the BEST deal I can find on the internet, or even finding it for FREE or a STEAL!

Well, fast forward to now. And I have to find a writing curriculum that helps my younger son with his writing standards overview! He HATES writing! I cannot express how much he hates it. And therefore that hate means a fight with Mom over writing!

We have tried almost everything! Last year, the one thing that DID work semi-well was having him write about rocks and minerals which is something he collects and loves! Same with writing about dinosaurs, another favorite of his!

So, this year.....we are working with that same idea but expanding it because he IS in 10th grade and needs to step it up a bit!

Just another NOT fun part of homeschooling! 99% of the time I love, LOVE, L-O-V-E homeschooling. This time of year, finding stuff that works for 2 totally different personalities AND for Mom... makes for many headaches!

What do YOU use for writing? Do you like it? Would you recommend it to a fellow homeschooler?

Happy Homeschooling!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Using simple ecosystems for homeschool science!

Well, we were lucky enough to receive a tupperware of tadpoles from a homeschool friend!
Their pond was FULL of 2 different breeds of frogs and their eggs plus tadpoles in various stages of development!
We got 11 tadpoles from as tiny as a pencil dot, up to thumbnail size almost frog tadpoles and everything in between! Plus a snail and several what appeared to be freshwaster whatever other protozoa and amoebas that were living in the pond water!!
Into the 5 gal. tank they went, as we prepared the proper ecosystems for all creatures involved!
In order for them all to thrive and grow into frogs that we could then introduce into OUR pond, we had to create a balance of nature! That meant keeping the oxygen at a decent level within the brackish pond water, enough food both in the form of fish meal and vegetation and the right amount of sun but not too much that it heated the tank and fried the little guys.
We have spent the better part of a month, 4 tadpoles have become frogs and been transferred to our pond. 7 more are in transformation! I think we will keep them inside for another week, then the rest will go to our pond to finish. The longer they are in a small tank, the harder it is to keep their ecosystems intact and working.
But, we have been able to study them despite it being Summer and we are technically off school!
This is the kind of science we LOVE!
Hands-on and fun!!

Happy Homeschooling!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Your child has a learning disability, how do you deal?

My older son has ADHD, which is a type of learning disabilities.
He has trouble processing things like his brother does. It makes it a challenge to find a curriculum in some subjects that he can handle without tears!
He twitches and has to bounce his leg lots! Normal classrooms would not allow it. He would be fussed at.
With homeschooling, he can do whatever he wants. He needs to bounce knee, great. He needs to take a break in order to process the information, no biggie! He needs to get up walk around or switch to a different subject, we can do it.
I can adjust his learning habitats, to help him learn and deal!
That in itself is a major benefit of homeschooling and I love it, wouldn't change a thing!!!
How do YOU deal with a child with a learning disability?

Happy Homeschooling!! :)

Summer is perfect time to go over plant science!!!

We have a huge Summer garden every year! We have added to it yearly to gradually make it larger and this year is no exception!
My 2 boys love to plot and plan with me, deciding what new plants we are adding and why!!
Then we use these growing plants to do science about plants.
These plants are growing with heat from the sun, perfect point to talk about heat energy!
They are blooming and being pollinated by bees or other bugs! Perfect time to bring in the balance of nature between animals and plants!
We can take an extra bloom off and dissect it to see that different parts of a flower!
And when all is said and done, we can take these lovely veggies and fruits that we have nurtured and watered and weeded....and create a delicious meal to feed and energize our own bodies!
Life is a science lesson and Summer is a great time to find things to use!!!
Happy Homeschooling!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Homeschooling is for everyone!

Homeschooling is an all inclusive event!
Whether your child is Asian, disabled, dyslexic, has ADHD, Native American, a Smurf, or an African American homeschooler or even an alien from Mars wanting to study Earth and Space....they have the right to be homeschooled!
Before you start homeschooling or if you are like us, are accidental need to know the laws of your State and/or Country. And your local laws might be even more intensive.
Find groups near you to join even if nothing more than advice on things to do in your area!
Find out what stores in your area offer great resources for homeschoolers like special discount days, discount cards, etc.
Join an overall forum to get some great advice! I like Secular Homeschool because we are non-religious homeschoolers.
Homeschooling is an adventure, but it is the greatest one my family has been on and I wouldn't change it for the world!!!

Happy Homeschooling!

More on Spelling and Language Arts!

June is Language Arts month over at the secular homeschool site I belong to and we have had a lot of discussions about LA and using it in our daily homeschool lessons.
My boys might be high school level but as you have read before, that doesn't stop me from still covering all their lessons, not matter how big or small! And yes, we are on Summer break right now BUT.... we just got goats and our friend gave us tadpoles SO....we will be learning about animal habitats for both of those, learning their care and watching them grow and change!
And all the while, MOM aka ME will be planning and plotting out their Fall curriculum. We will still be focusing on spelling and correct writing of a sentence. Therefore, we will also be matching sentences with words and their definitions because they have to keep a notepad of daily words and then write sentences at the end of the week and email them to their grandmother!
This might seem silly to you as they are high schoolers but to me it is not! You can always learn, you can always evolve and you can never hurt from more learning(unless you hit yourself in the head with the book!LOL).
I want my boys to be well-rounded and ready for life!
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Planning for our Fall Spelling...

Well, as Mom of 2 high schoolers who I feel STILL benefit learning their spelling.....especially when one of them is NOT a strong we complete our last week of their 2012-2013 school year, I am already planning ahead for our Fall curriculum and schedule!
There will be Spelling once again and part of that includes spelling games!!!
And as we get more into lessons that are harder with strange places or latin words, we need science tools and I think that Spelling helps this!
IMHO, spelling is a language arts fundamental and ranks right up there with being able to read and write. A well written paper is spelled well and YES, there is spell check on almost every computer and/or program BUT...what if there comes a time that they do not have access to a computer....spelling is fundamental! you are planning your upcoming school year's curriculum....consider a spelling program of sorts!!

Happy Homeschooling

Sometimes even parents need a little help with schoolwork!

Ok, I am a great homeschooling parent...if I do say so myself and I was well educated....
Therefore when I teach my children.....we rarely need more help than the lesson gives us.
But, man there are DAYS where I feel like the DUMBEST person in the world!
Give me phonics or what is the difference between modem and mean in Math and my brain is like WHAT?
Or algebra and trying to figure out why a-b=CDE and what the light energy lesson is and why does it need refraction and who is Fred and why was he important in history!LOL
I mean my old Mom brain is only able to hold so much and sometimes things like that are not still inside this brain!!
So then we go to one of many bookmarks I have for some online homework help!
THANK GOODNESS for these... because my boys get the help they need to figure out the problem, lesson or whatever and I get another chance to learn how or what it is - again!LOL
So, no matter how great of a homeschooling parent you are....if there comes a time that you do not know the not fret, get online and find the answer. It is OK to ask for a little help once in awhile!

Happy Homeschooling!

Monday, June 3, 2013

What is 1/4 of 3/16 of a whole.....?

Are you as confused as I am!
Learning fractions and teaching fractions makes for a PITA time....
There are tons of ways out there to learn and/or teach fraction lessons.
Finding the one that works for YOU and your child and doesn't make you crazy in the process is the key!
And the thing is, you need fractions for pretty much anything in life.
Cooking, painting, sewing, learning about science or even feeding the family pet.
I mean think about it....I bet you use fractions on a daily basis!
I am not talking about learning how to subtract, add, divide or multiply fractions because THAT in itself is a challenge. I am talking about learning how 1/2 is = to 2/4 and that is the same as 1/4 and 1/4. Or that 1/3 is more than 1/4 despite that 4 is a higher # than 3. Confusing to kids and confusing to us as it goes against the normal numeric train of thought.
Flashcards might work for some. Visual references like a pie chart might work for others. While physically writing it out on paper will work better for others!
You need to find what works for YOU, for your child and go from there in your homeschooling adventure!!!
Never fear, they will learn fractions! Just takes some creative teaching!

Happy Homeschooling!

Looking for some homeschool authors?

I love the fact that my very good friend has a website dedicated to homeschool authors!
These are books about homeschoolers and/or by homeschoolers!
Which personally, I think ROCKS!
I have always been of the mindset that if there a change or issue, to find a book and use that as a teaching tool. When my son was little and had to get glasses, I went to the bookstore and found a couple of kids books about being a child with glasses. It makes them feel like the world KNOWS.
And it is the same with homeschooling! The fact that there is a website dedicated to homeschool literature, shows homeschool kids that there are people out there that know about them and put the positive spin on it!!
When we started our elementary homeschool lessons back in 2008, I went online to find some books and/or movies for them that showed how cool homeschooling is!
Books are an important part of our family! Hence the reason they are spilling off every shelf in every room of this house!LOL Sometimes I am shocked the house hasn't collapsed off of it's foundation!LOL
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Using worksheets for Vocabulary!!

Despite that my boys are in High School, we still do many things that would be considered elementary school or middle school level! Spelling and Vocabulary are BIG deals in my house! You have to spell in life and you have to use vocabulary daily and to do both well, you need to know WHAT you are doing!!!
In order to learn our spelling or vocabulary words better.....I like to also toss in some vocabulary worksheets!
And while my boys will mumble and grumble about it, they do them and do them well. It is simple, kind of a brain teaser and they are learning their words at the same time! Win-win in my world and as you know...I like those kind of teachings!
I like double duty kind of homeschool work! Makes the day shorter, they learn 2 things at once and less for Mom to go over and or correct!!LOL
That might sound like I am LAZY, but no....I just think sometimes things are overthought and made to be too hard or complicated! Life and schoolwork doesn't have to be!
Homeschooling should be fun, without stress and kids learn and learn well! That is what I try to do daily in my homeschool!!!

Happy Homeschooling!

Finding a homeschool group that clicks for you!

Whenever I meet someone NEW to homeschooling, the first piece of advice I offer them is to find a homeschool group that WORKS for them!
Whether it is a religious group, a pagan group, a secular group or whatever....find someone or a bunch of someones to bounce ideas off of, get info from, and vent to! Because you will need to do all that and MORE!
Me personally, I joined a secular homeschool support group both online AND in my area and it pretty much saved my sanity!! When both my boys had issues with high school writing, where did I turn but to my secular forum! I was able to post my question and had TONS of support and new answers and was able to see things in a new light and work through it!
We also have a great local group of kids that my boys have grown up with the past few years! They each have a few friends and we do many, MANY things as a group. Again, saved my sanity and between us.....we learn about lots of local things offered that our kids can do together!
People ask about curriculum, what we do for socialization, etc. as their first few tips when starting to homeschool but I always tell people to find a group!!
Happy Homeschooling!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our favorite High School lessons are SCIENCE!

I am a homeschooling parent of high schoolers!
Yep...some might call me insane!
It is ok....not the first time for that!
And I have tough skin.....I have teenagers AND I run a there!LOL
Out of all the classes/lessons we do in our homeschool high school, we love SCIENCE!
We are a total hands-on family, and homeschool science is right up our alley!
Not to mention we love science, we love testing things, experimenting and predicting outcomes!
I think out of all the supplies and curriculum that I purchase for our homeschool every year....MOST goes to science in some form or another!
But then again, I think science can be turned into any of the other lessons....Math, Reading, Writing, name can be turned into something to do with Science!
WOW, just writing this article has gotten me worked up and I remembered we had a kit come recently...I think I need to use that for our last few weeks of school!!
So, in your homeschool....what is your favorite lessons to do as a homeschooling family?

Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What does that word mean?

So....part of my high schoolers day is their high school writing and part of that is to do the word of the day! They must collect the word of the day from the site for their grade level, both definition and meaning Monday thru Thursday PLUS 2 additional words from their word of the day calendar they got for Christmas!
Now, the ones from the internet are not easy but not hard.....
The ones from the calendar are CHALLENGING! I mean, even I have trouble!

I think that this makes them better spellers, better writers and to have a better overall understanding of our english language. I also have them practice definition match when they are working on their spelling words! You can learn to spell that word all you want, but if you do not understand the definition or origin or meaning, you cannot truly understand the word or even use it properly...especially with some words!

And in today's day and age of physical dictionaries, the internet and things like have no excuse not to understand!

My boys might grumble about this in our homeschooling day but overall, it has made them better homeschoolers!

Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What is an Antonym?

Guess have been playing antonym games with your child since they were old enough to understand you!

"An antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another word but similar to it in most other respects. For example, tall and short are opposite in meaning but both are the same parts of speech (adjectives) and would take the same position in a sentence (before the noun they modify). Antonyms tend to be adjectives, adverbs and verbs, with relatively few nouns qualifying as true antonyms. For example “high” (an adjective), “slowly” (an adverb) and “to fast” (a verb) all have antonyms, while “table” (a noun) does not. Antonyms are fun to learn about using matching and pick-it games."

So, when you were reading things that were tall and short, big and small, fat and were teaching your preschool games!!

Who knew! So, does that mean we ALL were homeschoolers from the start?! Hmmmm, gives us something to ponder about as we keep on learning and teaching!!

Happy Homeschooling!

Let's play some preschool games!

As the Mom of 2 teens who also has run a childcare of some sort for over 20 years.....I have played PLENTY of preschool games! But, that does not mean I have seen it all! I am always on the lookout for something new, something exciting, something to change up our day!
Especially with kids today! They are addicted to electronics and I swear, sometimes it seems like even the littlest kids cannot function without them!
I focus on imagination, pretend play, creative play and lots of hands-on preschool activities! If it has batteries for lights and sounds, like the Little People sets.....I do not install them! Instead, I encourage kids to make the construction sounds themselves when playing with the construction set or pirate sounds when playing with the Pirate boat!
This works for our preschool lessons and activities as well! We do use Time4Learning preschool lessons daily on the computer for any child over the age of 3(you can do it for kids younger than 3 but I chose in my childcare to start at that age!) but we also do hands-on activities, worksheets and even preschool flashcards!
Sometimes we even play games or assemble large puzzles together as a group!
With that, I am hoping to create a group of kids who can function WITHOUT electronics as well as with!
What do you do with your preschoolers?
Happy Homeschooling!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to cope with a child with PDD!?

While neither of my boys has PDD, I have had several preschoolers in my childcare that have!
And learning to deal, teach and cope with a child who has PDD is different!

I am not putting down kids with PDD, nor parents that deal with it all the time.....I am just talking about it from my experiences!

Teaching preschool games and homeschooling a child with PDD are a challenge to any parent and daycare provider who cares for that child when the parent is at work!

You must have the child assessed! This will first help you determine their learning ability and course of action!
Then RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH until you find a curriculum that works for your child and you!

If you are just now trying to find out about PDD and your child, here is a great description I found on Wikipedia! And yes, I know that Wiki is not the end all...and not always the RIGHT info but it gives you a starting point!

Happy Homeschooling!

Do you have a visual homeschooler?

My oldest son and for sure myself are visual-spatial learners!
This changes how I teach him and how we both learn! We prefer things hands-on, so we can see and touch them! We need to see it, to get it! I love to read but reading something for me, is not as good as acting it out, doing it by hand or seeing and touching it!

I think this is why I never tested well! I understood things when shown to me, but you put it on paper and ask me the was GONE! Poof! My son is the same way!

He did well with Time 4 Learning, I think the animation really helped him keep focus BUT when it came to an online science was not as easily understandable unless we did the activities in person so we could SEE what they were talking about!

You can easily homeschool your visual learner! You just have to be creative on how you do it, so they learn the best they can!

Check the internet for lots of ways to enhance their lessons!

Happy Homeschooling!

Easter Word Search and Mom brain!

So, my teenagers are not only hard to purchase things for that do not cost me an arm and leg BUT.....apparently when MOM does buy things....I need to remember to pack them before I haul those boys to their grandparents!
Sometimes I think my homeschool Mom brain is shot!! And that I was more than ready for their Spring break to start! Not only were they ready for it and to go get spoiled by the Grandparents but I needed a break to reassess our homeschool day and change a few things.....after I take a break! : )
Anyways....the wanted to leave their Easter baskets at home to be filled here and waiting their arrival. Well, I was leaving them on Easter morning with 1 set of Grandparents and I really wanted them to have something from ME for Easter.....despite the OODLES of candy they got from Grandma!LOL I bought them each a chocolate bunny AND a book of Easter word searches so they would have something hands-on to do IF they had downtime and got bored!
About an hour into the drive....I remembered that they were still sitting in a bag in my closet!! Oooops!

Oh well! So they better not have downtime, as they are minus their word searches! Maybe next time Mom will not be in such a hurry and remember to add that to her checklist!

And when we start back to school in 10 days, maybe Mom's brain will be rested enough from the holidays that I can get them ready for the last push until Summer!

Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Learning is all about Fun and Games!

Ok, some of you know and/or may not know...that not only am I a homeschooling Mom to teens but I am also a childcare provider to a bunch of little squirts! And as a childcare provider, part of my job is to make sure that the kiddos that stay long enough in my care are ready for Kindergarten!
In order to do that, we basically have preschool activities that prepare them for Kindergarten!
We use Time 4 Learning PreK on a daily basis, we have hands on activities, we do flashcards, we have writing practice, we have reading, we play math games and we play some of the same Kindergarten games that schools do! We learn to wipe our bottoms, dress ourselves, learn to tie our shoes, sit quietly, eat politely and keep our hands to ourselves....just to name a few!
Most of the children in my care are more than ready to head off to school when they graduate!
I prepare them, the same way I prepared my boys for Kindergarten! As they attended public school for a few years before we became accidental homeschoolers in 2008.
Happy Homeschooling!

I got something to blog about!!!

I have several blogs and I know people that have several blogs! Most of them are fellow secular homeschoolers who write secular homeschool blogs!
Not only are these eye opening, informative but they are fun to read!
I write for this one you are reading now, Parental Tech as well as having a preschool blog where I write about the craziness of running a childcare, Preschoolers Day by Day.
At the secular homeschool forum I belong to, there is a huge list of bloggers.
It is great to find like people who have the same homeschooling issues as I have sometimes and/or have solved them and I can find new answers, new curriculum and new ways to deal with homeschooling!
Do you have a homeschooling blog? Do you follow ones?
If so, which ones and why? I always love to hear about new ones to check out and follow.

Happy Homeschooling!

What country is this? you teach geography in your homeschool?
Do you kids yearn to learn where places are?
Oh the places you'll go....can you tell we have been celebrating Dr.Seuss for the past 10 days....I feel like I am stuck in rhyming land!LOL Too many books in too many days!
But, it has brought up the subject of where places are.
We are geography lovers in this house! Our current goal is to take see if we can see all 50 States via license plates over the course of a year! My boys are always on the lookout for ones to cross off the list!
And as a homeschooling Mom, I am always on the lookout for things to change up our geography learning! Because let's face it. Learning is learning, no matter how you learn! And why, just do the same old thing day in and day out......if you do not have to!
I got a great book of all 50 States and we glean a State each week. The boys had to each research and fill out a form packet on 25 States when they were in middle school as part of their geography AND middle school writing. Now, we are adding geography spelling lists because you do need to know how to spell or close to spelling what country you are looking for, traveling to, etc. Every week, I will assign a geography list to them and they will play games until they can pass the final test on Thursdays!! And we will see where it goes! OR we go!LOL
How do you incorporate Geography into your homeschool?
Happy Homeschooling!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing up the Math mid-year! Oh well, no biggie!

As all my faithful readers/followers know...MATH is our arch nemesis. And now that I am homeschooling high school boys....we are REALLY having to work on finding Math that works for them.
I spent a lot of last Summer researching different Math programs. Both book curriculum and online Math programs. I talked to a lot of people on our secular homeschool forum. I read review after review and still what I picked and paid for...sucked!
It did not work for us. We liked the program at first, but it ended up not explaining things well and my boys couldn't follow. After more research, we have used a modified book and workbook curriculum as well as our old tried and true Time4Learning Math! They always show it well, it is explained and laid out. If we have questions....we go and pull it up.
So far, this is working for us. Yes, I did waste some money on a program we ended up not using. Yes, I spent a lot of time researching. But....I will do it again this year. I think we are learning Math better, though not as in depth as I would like.
Do not be afraid to change up your program if it is not working! Even mid-way! Not everything works for every kid! And you might waste some money along the way but that happens and my kids are worth it!
Every penny!
Happy Homeschooling!

Word Match and Other Word Games!

As I have said in the past, we love word games! 
I firmly believe that words and knowing how to use words is extremely important!
I mean, we talk and use words. We write and use words. We type and use words!
I, as a homeschooling Mom am always on the lookout for new ways for my boys to have access to learning their spelling words!
Homeschooling high school kids is a challenge in itself, homeschooling high school kids who like variety makes it even more of a challenge!
We do most of our spelling on Vocab/Spelling City because it is our favorite site for this! And my boys current favorite games to learn their spelling words are hang mouse and word match! There is no arguments about work, there is no whining! 
Who says homeschooling high schoolers is hard! JEEZ!
So, what is your favorite word game to use in your homeschool? 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Homeschooling a dyslexic child!

Do you have a child with Dyslexia?
I can honestly say, I do not. I have a child with ADHD and a child with aggression issues.
And in all the years of being around children and doing childcare, I have never dealt with dyslexia.
Now, since we have started homeschooling....not only is my son's BFF Dyslexic but a very good internet friend of mine has a child who is AND I am beginning to wonder if the 5 year old girl in my care is. Both of my friends homeschool their dyslexic children.
She missed the school cutoff age here in Oregon by 16 days, so she is in my care until the Fall of this year.
She is really behind in her learning and I was hoping that maybe her parents would move her into a larger preschool or petition for her to get into Kindergarten. But they did not want to go that route.
And she is really behind in her learning. Despite working alongside the other kids, she is still not getting it. There is a learning disability that I cannot pinpoint.
We have started working on letters and recognizing them and she is confusing many and reverse writes. I am planning on researching how to do some simple tests here and then will sit down and have a talk with Mom and Dad about my feelings.
Right now, I am leaning towards dyslexia and will be picking my friend's brain on the subject.
I know that she needs to retrain her brain and how it thinks and I assume the sooner, the better.
Do you have a child with dyslexia? When did you find out? How has this created challenges in your homeschool?

Phonics Phobia!

OMG! I am sorry, but I HATE phonics! I cannot get it! I never have been able to!
Breaking down adjective, verbs, nouns, pronouns, etc. 
I understand how words are used. I can write and use the words correctly. I just cannot break it down and tell you(without a guide) what is what...for the most part!
I know NOUN;person, place or thing. That is about it!
So when we started homeschooling and got to the phonics part.....I felt like we had hit a brick wall. It SUCKED.
I mean come on, I am a Mom, I am a college educated woman.....but I had phonics in elementary school, I had them in high school and I even took them again in college because I STILL didn't get it. Then I get presented with my boys work and OMG! 
I have to say THANK GOD for the internet!
Thank GOD for Wikipedia and any other site that explains phonics curriculum in layman's terms so I do not feel like an idiot! Because as a Mom, I should be able to explain this to my child without looking or feeling like an idiot!
We still are not phonics proud but we can stumble along and I know that my high schooled homeschoolers will be able to find resources to figure it out! you get phonics? Any tips or tricks you want to pass along?

Family Game Night with Word Games!

We love word games in our house!
We love playing games like Scrabble, Word with Friends or Boggle for Family Game Night!
I am a firm believer that you need to keep your mind sharp by playing games that make you think. Doing brain teasers, hidden pictures, word finds, and word games....especially word unscrambles.
My boys are typical homeschoolers, they LIKE to spend time with their parents! And I LOVE spending time with them. I mean honestly....sooner rather than later, they will be grown and off to college and their own lives, so I want to soak up all I can!
We do Family Movie Night where we snuggle down in living room with pizza and watch a funny movie. We do Family Game Night where we sit down AFTER dinner and play a game of our choosing. Our favorites are Scrabble and Boggle because we love playing word games. And as a homeschooling Mom, I love the fact that my boys are learning in their off time!HAHA
During the rest of the week, they play with words on Spelling City doing word games to include word unscrambling! I love it for that reason! I think they learn and retain their words a lot more because not only are they pretested on it, but they play games with those words and then are final tested on it! They love it, I love it!
And they have learned so much, that Family Game Night has turned from Mom being the Queen to the Princes are gaining ground at creating words!
Happy Homeschooling!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Homeschool Friendly Colleges!

Well, despite my boys being only in 9th and 10th grade....we are still looking forward to a few years and college!
We are homeschoolers, we are homeschooling through high school and therefore....we have to find homeschool friendly colleges.
Not every college will recognize the work a homeschooler has done in high school and you may find them being tested to prove they know their work and can be placed accordingly. Homeschoolers can still take the PSAT's and SAT's and can prepare for those as well. 
I am really trying to bump up their high school writing because I know and remember that writing is a BIG deal in college! As well as Math. They need to be able to
participate with their peers. I do not want them to be behind and give homeschooling a bad name! I do not think that is possible since they have both already tested at High School senior level at the end of 8th grade and received an A- score overall! I do not think we are doing to shabby!LOL
I am not requiring them to go to college. They can go if they want. For the past 8 years my older son has wanted to be a video game designer and that has never waiver-ed since he decided. Therefore he will need to attend a trade school. It is still a type of college and we need to make him ready for it. My younger son is still up in the air. If he wants to go to culinary school, nursing school, no school, whatever....that is up to him but I will do my part as a homeschooling Mom and prepare my boys!
How are you prepping your kids for college? Have you checked into some homeschool friendly colleges?

Happy Homeschooling!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Spelling Game! H-A-N-G-M-A-N

When someone asks you what your favorite spelling game is....what do you say?
Mine, hangman! Hands down!
And yes, hangman is a spelling game! Think about it! By learning what letters are needed for that word, you are learning to spell it...even if you already knew it!
Our favorite time to play hangman is on our yearly family vacation! Not only do we have a 5 hour drive both ways but we spend a lot of time at the beach, on the docks - crabbing AND around the campfire. Not ideal places to carry a board game...not to mention most of them do NOT fit into a beach tote! But, a pad of paper and a couple of pens plus our brains ALWAYS can find a pocket! We never go anywhere without our books, a pad and a couple of pens plus a deck of cards! With all have unlimited entertainment possibilities!! Most of the time, we have that is the car PLUS we have travel ones we take for trips! Never run out that way!
Even though my boys are high schoolers now, we still take time to do learning on vacation and playing spelling games is a great way to have family time, learning and practice spelling!
What ways do you incorporate spelling into your day?

2 Kids who have polar opposite learning styles!

Let me tell you, having 2 children who are POLAR opposites in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE....makes for a crazy homeschool day and the lesson plans are set-up for their completely different homeschool learning styles!
One can whiz through Math while the other struggles. One can understand a simple homeschool writing course, the other fights me tooth and nail.
I never wanted them to be the same when they were younger. They were born 17 months apart as I wanted them to be brothers and close friends. Plus the added benefit of being done with diapers, etc. and hand-me downs that were still in style was having. But I never wanted the same child as a cookie cutter of the other!
But then again, I never thought they would be SO opposite!LOL One only likes peanut butter and the other only likes jelly. One is cool colors only, always has been while his brother is warm colors! Makes it easy for laundry day!LOL 
I do find it funny that despite being on 4th year homeschooling, they have EXTREMELY different learning styles! Makes for a challenging day and what Mom doesnt love a little challenge now and then!!! And now that they are
Are you homeschooling multiple children? Do they have crazy different homeschool learning styles? How do you cope?
Happy Homeschooling!

SAT Writing Prep!

I am a Mom of 2 high schoolers! I am a HOMESCHOOLING Mom of 2 high schoolers! Holy cow, how did that happen!
We didn't plan on homeschooling into high school, the original plan was just homeschool middle school and be done. But as we muddled along and got better at it, the boys thrived. We enjoyed it. It made sense and it was a universal decision to continue through high school!
But, there are responsibilities that come along with homeschooling high schoolers! You must work towards a diploma, you need to keep track of credits and you need to work on prepping for the SAT's! Because despite being a homeschooler....if your child is to enter college, they need to have taken a SAT test!
Part of the SAT is writing and in our house writing is a bad word! My older son is doing ok but my younger son is fighting me tooth and nail!
So, we will be getting a SAT writing tutor. I want him to make the best of his life that he can and he is a very bright child!
And my hopes is that with a writing program and some tutoring, when the time comes to take his SAT's...he will be fully prepared!
Happy Homeschooling!