Monday, January 28, 2013

Homeschool Friendly Colleges!

Well, despite my boys being only in 9th and 10th grade....we are still looking forward to a few years and college!
We are homeschoolers, we are homeschooling through high school and therefore....we have to find homeschool friendly colleges.
Not every college will recognize the work a homeschooler has done in high school and you may find them being tested to prove they know their work and can be placed accordingly. Homeschoolers can still take the PSAT's and SAT's and can prepare for those as well. 
I am really trying to bump up their high school writing because I know and remember that writing is a BIG deal in college! As well as Math. They need to be able to
participate with their peers. I do not want them to be behind and give homeschooling a bad name! I do not think that is possible since they have both already tested at High School senior level at the end of 8th grade and received an A- score overall! I do not think we are doing to shabby!LOL
I am not requiring them to go to college. They can go if they want. For the past 8 years my older son has wanted to be a video game designer and that has never waiver-ed since he decided. Therefore he will need to attend a trade school. It is still a type of college and we need to make him ready for it. My younger son is still up in the air. If he wants to go to culinary school, nursing school, no school, whatever....that is up to him but I will do my part as a homeschooling Mom and prepare my boys!
How are you prepping your kids for college? Have you checked into some homeschool friendly colleges?

Happy Homeschooling!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Spelling Game! H-A-N-G-M-A-N

When someone asks you what your favorite spelling game is....what do you say?
Mine, hangman! Hands down!
And yes, hangman is a spelling game! Think about it! By learning what letters are needed for that word, you are learning to spell it...even if you already knew it!
Our favorite time to play hangman is on our yearly family vacation! Not only do we have a 5 hour drive both ways but we spend a lot of time at the beach, on the docks - crabbing AND around the campfire. Not ideal places to carry a board game...not to mention most of them do NOT fit into a beach tote! But, a pad of paper and a couple of pens plus our brains ALWAYS can find a pocket! We never go anywhere without our books, a pad and a couple of pens plus a deck of cards! With all have unlimited entertainment possibilities!! Most of the time, we have that is the car PLUS we have travel ones we take for trips! Never run out that way!
Even though my boys are high schoolers now, we still take time to do learning on vacation and playing spelling games is a great way to have family time, learning and practice spelling!
What ways do you incorporate spelling into your day?

2 Kids who have polar opposite learning styles!

Let me tell you, having 2 children who are POLAR opposites in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE....makes for a crazy homeschool day and the lesson plans are set-up for their completely different homeschool learning styles!
One can whiz through Math while the other struggles. One can understand a simple homeschool writing course, the other fights me tooth and nail.
I never wanted them to be the same when they were younger. They were born 17 months apart as I wanted them to be brothers and close friends. Plus the added benefit of being done with diapers, etc. and hand-me downs that were still in style was having. But I never wanted the same child as a cookie cutter of the other!
But then again, I never thought they would be SO opposite!LOL One only likes peanut butter and the other only likes jelly. One is cool colors only, always has been while his brother is warm colors! Makes it easy for laundry day!LOL 
I do find it funny that despite being on 4th year homeschooling, they have EXTREMELY different learning styles! Makes for a challenging day and what Mom doesnt love a little challenge now and then!!! And now that they are
Are you homeschooling multiple children? Do they have crazy different homeschool learning styles? How do you cope?
Happy Homeschooling!

SAT Writing Prep!

I am a Mom of 2 high schoolers! I am a HOMESCHOOLING Mom of 2 high schoolers! Holy cow, how did that happen!
We didn't plan on homeschooling into high school, the original plan was just homeschool middle school and be done. But as we muddled along and got better at it, the boys thrived. We enjoyed it. It made sense and it was a universal decision to continue through high school!
But, there are responsibilities that come along with homeschooling high schoolers! You must work towards a diploma, you need to keep track of credits and you need to work on prepping for the SAT's! Because despite being a homeschooler....if your child is to enter college, they need to have taken a SAT test!
Part of the SAT is writing and in our house writing is a bad word! My older son is doing ok but my younger son is fighting me tooth and nail!
So, we will be getting a SAT writing tutor. I want him to make the best of his life that he can and he is a very bright child!
And my hopes is that with a writing program and some tutoring, when the time comes to take his SAT's...he will be fully prepared!
Happy Homeschooling!