Thursday, January 10, 2013

2 Kids who have polar opposite learning styles!

Let me tell you, having 2 children who are POLAR opposites in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE....makes for a crazy homeschool day and the lesson plans are set-up for their completely different homeschool learning styles!
One can whiz through Math while the other struggles. One can understand a simple homeschool writing course, the other fights me tooth and nail.
I never wanted them to be the same when they were younger. They were born 17 months apart as I wanted them to be brothers and close friends. Plus the added benefit of being done with diapers, etc. and hand-me downs that were still in style was having. But I never wanted the same child as a cookie cutter of the other!
But then again, I never thought they would be SO opposite!LOL One only likes peanut butter and the other only likes jelly. One is cool colors only, always has been while his brother is warm colors! Makes it easy for laundry day!LOL 
I do find it funny that despite being on 4th year homeschooling, they have EXTREMELY different learning styles! Makes for a challenging day and what Mom doesnt love a little challenge now and then!!! And now that they are
Are you homeschooling multiple children? Do they have crazy different homeschool learning styles? How do you cope?
Happy Homeschooling!

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