Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Spelling Game! H-A-N-G-M-A-N

When someone asks you what your favorite spelling game is....what do you say?
Mine, hangman! Hands down!
And yes, hangman is a spelling game! Think about it! By learning what letters are needed for that word, you are learning to spell it...even if you already knew it!
Our favorite time to play hangman is on our yearly family vacation! Not only do we have a 5 hour drive both ways but we spend a lot of time at the beach, on the docks - crabbing AND around the campfire. Not ideal places to carry a board game...not to mention most of them do NOT fit into a beach tote! But, a pad of paper and a couple of pens plus our brains ALWAYS can find a pocket! We never go anywhere without our books, a pad and a couple of pens plus a deck of cards! With all have unlimited entertainment possibilities!! Most of the time, we have that is the car PLUS we have travel ones we take for trips! Never run out that way!
Even though my boys are high schoolers now, we still take time to do learning on vacation and playing spelling games is a great way to have family time, learning and practice spelling!
What ways do you incorporate spelling into your day?

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