Monday, January 28, 2013

Homeschool Friendly Colleges!

Well, despite my boys being only in 9th and 10th grade....we are still looking forward to a few years and college!
We are homeschoolers, we are homeschooling through high school and therefore....we have to find homeschool friendly colleges.
Not every college will recognize the work a homeschooler has done in high school and you may find them being tested to prove they know their work and can be placed accordingly. Homeschoolers can still take the PSAT's and SAT's and can prepare for those as well. 
I am really trying to bump up their high school writing because I know and remember that writing is a BIG deal in college! As well as Math. They need to be able to
participate with their peers. I do not want them to be behind and give homeschooling a bad name! I do not think that is possible since they have both already tested at High School senior level at the end of 8th grade and received an A- score overall! I do not think we are doing to shabby!LOL
I am not requiring them to go to college. They can go if they want. For the past 8 years my older son has wanted to be a video game designer and that has never waiver-ed since he decided. Therefore he will need to attend a trade school. It is still a type of college and we need to make him ready for it. My younger son is still up in the air. If he wants to go to culinary school, nursing school, no school, whatever....that is up to him but I will do my part as a homeschooling Mom and prepare my boys!
How are you prepping your kids for college? Have you checked into some homeschool friendly colleges?

Happy Homeschooling!

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