Thursday, January 10, 2013

SAT Writing Prep!

I am a Mom of 2 high schoolers! I am a HOMESCHOOLING Mom of 2 high schoolers! Holy cow, how did that happen!
We didn't plan on homeschooling into high school, the original plan was just homeschool middle school and be done. But as we muddled along and got better at it, the boys thrived. We enjoyed it. It made sense and it was a universal decision to continue through high school!
But, there are responsibilities that come along with homeschooling high schoolers! You must work towards a diploma, you need to keep track of credits and you need to work on prepping for the SAT's! Because despite being a homeschooler....if your child is to enter college, they need to have taken a SAT test!
Part of the SAT is writing and in our house writing is a bad word! My older son is doing ok but my younger son is fighting me tooth and nail!
So, we will be getting a SAT writing tutor. I want him to make the best of his life that he can and he is a very bright child!
And my hopes is that with a writing program and some tutoring, when the time comes to take his SAT's...he will be fully prepared!
Happy Homeschooling!

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Gregor Renk said...

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