Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family Game Night with Word Games!

We love word games in our house!
We love playing games like Scrabble, Word with Friends or Boggle for Family Game Night!
I am a firm believer that you need to keep your mind sharp by playing games that make you think. Doing brain teasers, hidden pictures, word finds, and word games....especially word unscrambles.
My boys are typical homeschoolers, they LIKE to spend time with their parents! And I LOVE spending time with them. I mean honestly....sooner rather than later, they will be grown and off to college and their own lives, so I want to soak up all I can!
We do Family Movie Night where we snuggle down in living room with pizza and watch a funny movie. We do Family Game Night where we sit down AFTER dinner and play a game of our choosing. Our favorites are Scrabble and Boggle because we love playing word games. And as a homeschooling Mom, I love the fact that my boys are learning in their off time!HAHA
During the rest of the week, they play with words on Spelling City doing word games to include word unscrambling! I love it for that reason! I think they learn and retain their words a lot more because not only are they pretested on it, but they play games with those words and then are final tested on it! They love it, I love it!
And they have learned so much, that Family Game Night has turned from Mom being the Queen to the Princes are gaining ground at creating words!
Happy Homeschooling!

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