Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Phonics Phobia!

OMG! I am sorry, but I HATE phonics! I cannot get it! I never have been able to!
Breaking down adjective, verbs, nouns, pronouns, etc. 
I understand how words are used. I can write and use the words correctly. I just cannot break it down and tell you(without a guide) what is what...for the most part!
I know NOUN;person, place or thing. That is about it!
So when we started homeschooling and got to the phonics part.....I felt like we had hit a brick wall. It SUCKED.
I mean come on, I am a Mom, I am a college educated woman.....but I had phonics in elementary school, I had them in high school and I even took them again in college because I STILL didn't get it. Then I get presented with my boys work and OMG! 
I have to say THANK GOD for the internet!
Thank GOD for Wikipedia and any other site that explains phonics curriculum in layman's terms so I do not feel like an idiot! Because as a Mom, I should be able to explain this to my child without looking or feeling like an idiot!
We still are not phonics proud but we can stumble along and I know that my high schooled homeschoolers will be able to find resources to figure it out!
So...do you get phonics? Any tips or tricks you want to pass along?

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