Sunday, March 10, 2013

I got something to blog about!!!

I have several blogs and I know people that have several blogs! Most of them are fellow secular homeschoolers who write secular homeschool blogs!
Not only are these eye opening, informative but they are fun to read!
I write for this one you are reading now, Parental Tech as well as having a preschool blog where I write about the craziness of running a childcare, Preschoolers Day by Day.
At the secular homeschool forum I belong to, there is a huge list of bloggers.
It is great to find like people who have the same homeschooling issues as I have sometimes and/or have solved them and I can find new answers, new curriculum and new ways to deal with homeschooling!
Do you have a homeschooling blog? Do you follow ones?
If so, which ones and why? I always love to hear about new ones to check out and follow.

Happy Homeschooling!

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