Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to cope with a child with PDD!?

While neither of my boys has PDD, I have had several preschoolers in my childcare that have!
And learning to deal, teach and cope with a child who has PDD is different!

I am not putting down kids with PDD, nor parents that deal with it all the time.....I am just talking about it from my experiences!

Teaching preschool games and homeschooling a child with PDD are a challenge to any parent and daycare provider who cares for that child when the parent is at work!

You must have the child assessed! This will first help you determine their learning ability and course of action!
Then RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH until you find a curriculum that works for your child and you!

If you are just now trying to find out about PDD and your child, here is a great description I found on Wikipedia! And yes, I know that Wiki is not the end all...and not always the RIGHT info but it gives you a starting point!

Happy Homeschooling!

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Unknown said...

Great advice! Thanks for sharing!

And on a lighter note...Wikipedia isn't totally and completely accurate and factual 100% of the time?! Don't tell my kids that. ;)