Sunday, May 5, 2013

What does that word mean?

So....part of my high schoolers day is their high school writing and part of that is to do the word of the day! They must collect the word of the day from the site for their grade level, both definition and meaning Monday thru Thursday PLUS 2 additional words from their word of the day calendar they got for Christmas!
Now, the ones from the internet are not easy but not hard.....
The ones from the calendar are CHALLENGING! I mean, even I have trouble!

I think that this makes them better spellers, better writers and to have a better overall understanding of our english language. I also have them practice definition match when they are working on their spelling words! You can learn to spell that word all you want, but if you do not understand the definition or origin or meaning, you cannot truly understand the word or even use it properly...especially with some words!

And in today's day and age of physical dictionaries, the internet and things like have no excuse not to understand!

My boys might grumble about this in our homeschooling day but overall, it has made them better homeschoolers!

Happy Homeschooling!

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