Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More on Spelling and Language Arts!

June is Language Arts month over at the secular homeschool site I belong to and we have had a lot of discussions about LA and using it in our daily homeschool lessons.
My boys might be high school level but as you have read before, that doesn't stop me from still covering all their lessons, not matter how big or small! And yes, we are on Summer break right now BUT.... we just got goats and our friend gave us tadpoles SO....we will be learning about animal habitats for both of those, learning their care and watching them grow and change!
And all the while, MOM aka ME will be planning and plotting out their Fall curriculum. We will still be focusing on spelling and correct writing of a sentence. Therefore, we will also be matching sentences with words and their definitions because they have to keep a notepad of daily words and then write sentences at the end of the week and email them to their grandmother!
This might seem silly to you as they are high schoolers but to me it is not! You can always learn, you can always evolve and you can never hurt from more learning(unless you hit yourself in the head with the book!LOL).
I want my boys to be well-rounded and ready for life!
Happy Homeschooling!

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