Sunday, June 16, 2013

Planning for our Fall Spelling...

Well, as Mom of 2 high schoolers who I feel STILL benefit learning their spelling.....especially when one of them is NOT a strong we complete our last week of their 2012-2013 school year, I am already planning ahead for our Fall curriculum and schedule!
There will be Spelling once again and part of that includes spelling games!!!
And as we get more into lessons that are harder with strange places or latin words, we need science tools and I think that Spelling helps this!
IMHO, spelling is a language arts fundamental and ranks right up there with being able to read and write. A well written paper is spelled well and YES, there is spell check on almost every computer and/or program BUT...what if there comes a time that they do not have access to a computer....spelling is fundamental! you are planning your upcoming school year's curriculum....consider a spelling program of sorts!!

Happy Homeschooling

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Unknown said...

I agree...there is way too much reliance on spell checkers these days. :/ Spelling is the one subject we NEVER break from. Summer, Christmas, vacation, boys always have to work on some spelling, even if no other school work is done. And yes, spelling games are a great way to make sure that happens! :)