Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sometimes even parents need a little help with schoolwork!

Ok, I am a great homeschooling parent...if I do say so myself and I was well educated....
Therefore when I teach my children.....we rarely need more help than the lesson gives us.
But, man there are DAYS where I feel like the DUMBEST person in the world!
Give me phonics or what is the difference between modem and mean in Math and my brain is like WHAT?
Or algebra and trying to figure out why a-b=CDE and what the light energy lesson is and why does it need refraction and who is Fred and why was he important in history!LOL
I mean my old Mom brain is only able to hold so much and sometimes things like that are not still inside this brain!!
So then we go to one of many bookmarks I have for some online homework help!
THANK GOODNESS for these... because my boys get the help they need to figure out the problem, lesson or whatever and I get another chance to learn how or what it is - again!LOL
So, no matter how great of a homeschooling parent you are....if there comes a time that you do not know the not fret, get online and find the answer. It is OK to ask for a little help once in awhile!

Happy Homeschooling!

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