Monday, July 15, 2013

Your child has a learning disability, how do you deal?

My older son has ADHD, which is a type of learning disabilities.
He has trouble processing things like his brother does. It makes it a challenge to find a curriculum in some subjects that he can handle without tears!
He twitches and has to bounce his leg lots! Normal classrooms would not allow it. He would be fussed at.
With homeschooling, he can do whatever he wants. He needs to bounce knee, great. He needs to take a break in order to process the information, no biggie! He needs to get up walk around or switch to a different subject, we can do it.
I can adjust his learning habitats, to help him learn and deal!
That in itself is a major benefit of homeschooling and I love it, wouldn't change a thing!!!
How do YOU deal with a child with a learning disability?

Happy Homeschooling!! :)

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Unknown said...

I agree...allowing them the freedom to bounce, twitch, get up and stretch at their intervals is key. Makes learning so much easier when they can have a little control over their day. :)