Saturday, August 3, 2013

So.....I want to hear more about lapbooking!

I heard about lapbooking when we first became homeschoolers!
It sounded cool!
I bought TONS of supplies and yet here we are getting ready to start our 6th year of homeschooling and they still sit in a box. : (
I was always unsure of where to start, how to get the boys motivated and if they will get it!

Well, as previously that I am working at finding a good writing curriculum or writing ideas... I am revisiting the whole homeschooling lapbooking writing as part of our writing program! Maybe if the boys pick something they would like to do, like earth and space or rocks and minerals then they will be more inclined to do it and do it WELL.

So.... are you a lapbooker? I would love feedback, hints, tips, input and whatever else! Links to some great ideas...anything! And to be able to gear it towards older kids, I have 10th and 11th graders!!!

Happy Homeschooling!


Unknown said...

I keep saying I want to lapbook with my boys too...but we have yet to really get done with one. Maybe this year... :)

Good luck! :)

Unknown said...

We are about halfway through our first units that we are lapbooking with. I'm using them with my DD9 for social studies and science. She doesn't like to write & is very visual, so I'm using them as a way to replace workbooks and notetaking.