Sunday, August 18, 2013

We LOVE Science!

Science is one of our overall family favorites to teach! We LOVE it!
We love using it for almost ALL our subjects! Math, Science(DUH!), Language Arts, Writing, History and Reading!
You name it, we use it for it!
This year is no different! I am planning our homeschool curriculum right now!
We are mainly using Time4Learning at their NEW high school level but we still will be doing science on the side!!
I am looking at lots of different things to incorporate with our homeschool day involving science!
Lessons on light energy, heat energy, lessons on matter, learning about materials, force and motion, and animal lessons.....
3 years left of homeschooling for me and I will be looking for ways in add science into everything for all of those!
How do you add science to your homeschool?

Happy Homeschooling!!

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Unknown said...

Science is a favorite here too! My boys aspire to be the next Mythbusters. :D