Sunday, August 18, 2013

Word Finds!

Word Find or Word Search is one of my FAV ways to get my boys to work on their spelling words OR pass the time or earn extra credit(yes, even homeschooling parents do extra credit!LOL) while using a holiday based one!
You can find lots of ready-made ones on the internet for MANY different age levels. You can use science for kids ones, if your child is into science. You can MAKE your own using any words and you can even plug your kids assigned spelling words!! You can find Star Wars if your child is into SW! You can find Dr. Who ones if your child LOVES Dr. Who!!
My boys love to do them!
They don't even consider them to be school!!!
Especially when it is one of the extra ones! is! It is a great mind-game for your child! It is great for adults, it is great for older people to help keep their brain in top working order!
My grandmother loves to do them! She especially loves number ones! I hate those! They are HARD!
But again!! BRAIN FOOD!
So, as you are planning your child's curriculum and lesson plans this year....think about adding word finds to their daily or weekly lessons!!! You will be happy you did!

Happy Homeschooling!

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Unknown said...

We love word find too! I just read on another homeschooling blog about using them for foreign language practice. Such a great idea that I had never thought of before! :)