Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kindergarten is SCIENCE!

So, school year is starting for most of us! Has been going on for 2 or more weeks!
Ours has been on for 2 full weeks, heading into our 3rd!
My boys are now high school level but when they were younger, we used our FAV thing....SCIENCE to teach almost everything! Math, language arts, social studies, science, spelling and reading all revolved around science!
Hands-on science is even better!
As my daycare kids gear up to start their preschool year, I am looking at science activities for kindergarten level for my oldest daycare boy. He is on his last year of daycare, is extremely smart and I am doing him at Kindergarten level of Time4Learning this year and we will be doing LOTS of hands-on work with science!
Lessons on matter, force and motion lesson,  and of course animal lessons.
Should be a great year ahead of us! Lots of learning for both myself, my boys and my daycare kiddos!!!
How is your FAVORITE way to use science in your homeschool?

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