Monday, September 30, 2013

MATH............(said in the same voice as Khan via Captain Kirk)

Math.... and yet another school year starts which means another year of MATH.
Our dreaded enemy at our homeschool.

Homeschool math makes me want to hide my head, skip the lessons and avoid it all together.

This year we are doing Geometry for our math! We are also doing Earth and Space for Science plus World Geography SOOOOO, geometry is a great bunch of tools for science because we need to map, we need to figure out where and learning geometry helps that.

2 birds with 1 stone. Smart homeschool mama..... at least that is what I am calling myself this year!
I think in our 6th year, I am finally getting SMART!
We are using Time4Learning High School level this year and so far, going GREAT!
Boys are doing their work, doing it well and doing it on time! No arguments and no fighting Mom!

SHHHHHH, this might be the one year that homeschool math doesn't get the best of me! But don't tell it I said that!

Happy Homeschooling!

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Unknown said... your Khan reference! :D

We are also using the T4L high school program this year, and loving it. Math is still not as well received as I would like, but it's getting done. I will be happy enough with that. ;)