Sunday, September 8, 2013

New school year, new Math tactics....

Welcome to 2013-2014 school year...... can I cry now?
I mean, I love that we have a new school year.... I love buying supplies and laying out our lesson plans.

But then comes our old arch nemesis...MATH! UGH!

We are using Time4Learning high school level this year since both boys are in high school AND T4L added the high school levels-YIPPEEEEEE!! So, am hoping that helps with our Math issues this year! We are also doing geometry, which is a different route than trying to tackle algebra.

I am hoping that this eliminates many of our past Math issues! If not, I have some great geometry Math flashcards to use along with! I may use them anyways, just to enhance what we are learning!

If not, I fear my boys will be getting a lesson in sound energy by Mom throwing a old fashioned temper tantrum!!!LOL

So, as the 2013-2014 school year starts.... please take a few minutes to send some positive Math vibes our way for a good Math year!!LOL

Thanks and Happy Homeschooling!!

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the Mcclanahan 7 said...

I wish you luck with Math. That is the least favorite subject in our house!! So far this year things are going well for us, hope the streak continues.