Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do you know your States Homeschool Requirements?

Recently, we had a visit from my inlaws. They are not supporters of our choice to homeschool and pretty much ignore that whole aspect. That is ok with us. We knew going into this, that not everyone would be thrilled or agree with us.

But, imagine my surprise when she asked if  so and so had gotten ahold of us. It was someone from DH's  class and apparently he was considering homeschooling his kids! He lives in Arizona!

Of course, we had not heard anything about this. DH got on the old Facebook and sent him a PM that he could definitely contact me and I would get him on the right track.

He was grateful. He needed to know the homeschool requirements and regulations for his State. He didn't know where to start. Curriculum reviews so that they could make choices. Forums and groups in his area or online that they could get answers! I helped them explore the universe that is HOMESCHOOLING!

His kids are now out of public school! Personal choice that the PS was not doing much in the way of helping his kids learn and grow. Been there, done that. That is the reason we started homeschooling 5+ years ago!

Hard to believe that in October 2008, I was just as wet behind the ears as he is today and here I am, a blogger of 2 different blogs. Homeschool Mom to 2 teens and a moderator for a great homeschool forum that provides TONS of access and assistance for homeschoolers!

I love my jobs and I love being a Homeschooler!!

Happy Homeschooling!!

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