Sunday, November 3, 2013

New to homeschooling? No worries!

New homeschool, just starting, checking it out to see if you can do it?
No worries, we got your back!!!
Homeschooling sounds scary, I know because I used to be just like you.
Wanted to homeschool my boys from Kindergarten but I had a hubby who thought homeschooling was for cults and those highly religious groups. NOT SO!!
Homeschooling is for anyone who wants to! You can do it!
In just the 5 years since we started homeschooling, the homeschooling world has grown like crazy!
The internet is a WEALTH of information!
Homeschooling groups exist out there for every type of homeschooler!
Religious, secular, roadschooler, unschooler, preschool through high school age and beyond!!
You are not alone in this journey!
And the best news, as long as you have checked your States Rules and Regulations and know the basics that are required of you by law.... you are past the hard part!!
If you are a new homeschooler or wanting to homeschool and have them in the comments and I will be happy to help steer you in the right direction!!
Happy Homeschooling!

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Unknown said...

Love all of the resources available to homeschoolers on the web! Certainly makes life much easier! :)