Monday, December 2, 2013

Just how important is SPELLING?

Well, in my book....REALLY IMPORTANT!
Good spellers have a background for everything!
If you suck at spelling..... well....
I was really surprised when my boys were in public school, that Spelling is not pushed like it was when I was in school! WHAT?!
Needless to say, when we became homeschoolers.... Spelling was at the top of our list!
And nothing better to add to our online curriculum than spelling test online! Love it!
Right now, we are really studying Earth and Space and I love being able to create spelling lists with words they are learning! It covers 2 things at once! They get their science in and spelling words, DONE DEAL!
Next, we will move onto animal lessons and I will have fun creating funky lists with animal names!!
I can tell you, that in the 5+ years of homeschooling.... my oldest son has gone from being a HORRIBLE speller to one that can spell most things the 1st time. I am really proud of him!
Happy Homeschooling!
Saw this online this morning and had to add it! Just adds my point. Everyone thinks they have spell check, no biggie on spelling! WRONG! These are all legit words, just used in the wrong context despite sounding correct!


Unknown said...

We LOVE combining multiple subjects, like spelling and math vocabulary, or spelling and social studies. Two birds, one stone. Right? ;)


Anonymous said...

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