Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing up the Math mid-year! Oh well, no biggie!

As all my faithful readers/followers know...MATH is our arch nemesis. And now that I am homeschooling high school boys....we are REALLY having to work on finding Math that works for them.
I spent a lot of last Summer researching different Math programs. Both book curriculum and online Math programs. I talked to a lot of people on our secular homeschool forum. I read review after review and still what I picked and paid for...sucked!
It did not work for us. We liked the program at first, but it ended up not explaining things well and my boys couldn't follow. After more research, we have used a modified book and workbook curriculum as well as our old tried and true Time4Learning Math! They always show it well, it is explained and laid out. If we have questions....we go and pull it up.
So far, this is working for us. Yes, I did waste some money on a program we ended up not using. Yes, I spent a lot of time researching. But....I will do it again this year. I think we are learning Math better, though not as in depth as I would like.
Do not be afraid to change up your program if it is not working! Even mid-way! Not everything works for every kid! And you might waste some money along the way but that happens and my kids are worth it!
Every penny!
Happy Homeschooling!

Word Match and Other Word Games!

As I have said in the past, we love word games! 
I firmly believe that words and knowing how to use words is extremely important!
I mean, we talk and use words. We write and use words. We type and use words!
I, as a homeschooling Mom am always on the lookout for new ways for my boys to have access to learning their spelling words!
Homeschooling high school kids is a challenge in itself, homeschooling high school kids who like variety makes it even more of a challenge!
We do most of our spelling on Vocab/Spelling City because it is our favorite site for this! And my boys current favorite games to learn their spelling words are hang mouse and word match! There is no arguments about work, there is no whining! 
Who says homeschooling high schoolers is hard! JEEZ!
So, what is your favorite word game to use in your homeschool?