Sunday, March 10, 2013

Learning is all about Fun and Games!

Ok, some of you know and/or may not know...that not only am I a homeschooling Mom to teens but I am also a childcare provider to a bunch of little squirts! And as a childcare provider, part of my job is to make sure that the kiddos that stay long enough in my care are ready for Kindergarten!
In order to do that, we basically have preschool activities that prepare them for Kindergarten!
We use Time 4 Learning PreK on a daily basis, we have hands on activities, we do flashcards, we have writing practice, we have reading, we play math games and we play some of the same Kindergarten games that schools do! We learn to wipe our bottoms, dress ourselves, learn to tie our shoes, sit quietly, eat politely and keep our hands to ourselves....just to name a few!
Most of the children in my care are more than ready to head off to school when they graduate!
I prepare them, the same way I prepared my boys for Kindergarten! As they attended public school for a few years before we became accidental homeschoolers in 2008.
Happy Homeschooling!

I got something to blog about!!!

I have several blogs and I know people that have several blogs! Most of them are fellow secular homeschoolers who write secular homeschool blogs!
Not only are these eye opening, informative but they are fun to read!
I write for this one you are reading now, Parental Tech as well as having a preschool blog where I write about the craziness of running a childcare, Preschoolers Day by Day.
At the secular homeschool forum I belong to, there is a huge list of bloggers.
It is great to find like people who have the same homeschooling issues as I have sometimes and/or have solved them and I can find new answers, new curriculum and new ways to deal with homeschooling!
Do you have a homeschooling blog? Do you follow ones?
If so, which ones and why? I always love to hear about new ones to check out and follow.

Happy Homeschooling!

What country is this? you teach geography in your homeschool?
Do you kids yearn to learn where places are?
Oh the places you'll go....can you tell we have been celebrating Dr.Seuss for the past 10 days....I feel like I am stuck in rhyming land!LOL Too many books in too many days!
But, it has brought up the subject of where places are.
We are geography lovers in this house! Our current goal is to take see if we can see all 50 States via license plates over the course of a year! My boys are always on the lookout for ones to cross off the list!
And as a homeschooling Mom, I am always on the lookout for things to change up our geography learning! Because let's face it. Learning is learning, no matter how you learn! And why, just do the same old thing day in and day out......if you do not have to!
I got a great book of all 50 States and we glean a State each week. The boys had to each research and fill out a form packet on 25 States when they were in middle school as part of their geography AND middle school writing. Now, we are adding geography spelling lists because you do need to know how to spell or close to spelling what country you are looking for, traveling to, etc. Every week, I will assign a geography list to them and they will play games until they can pass the final test on Thursdays!! And we will see where it goes! OR we go!LOL
How do you incorporate Geography into your homeschool?
Happy Homeschooling!!