Monday, May 13, 2013

Our favorite High School lessons are SCIENCE!

I am a homeschooling parent of high schoolers!
Yep...some might call me insane!
It is ok....not the first time for that!
And I have tough skin.....I have teenagers AND I run a there!LOL
Out of all the classes/lessons we do in our homeschool high school, we love SCIENCE!
We are a total hands-on family, and homeschool science is right up our alley!
Not to mention we love science, we love testing things, experimenting and predicting outcomes!
I think out of all the supplies and curriculum that I purchase for our homeschool every year....MOST goes to science in some form or another!
But then again, I think science can be turned into any of the other lessons....Math, Reading, Writing, name can be turned into something to do with Science!
WOW, just writing this article has gotten me worked up and I remembered we had a kit come recently...I think I need to use that for our last few weeks of school!!
So, in your homeschool....what is your favorite lessons to do as a homeschooling family?

Happy Homeschooling!